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Topic: Finale 2008a Midi export with Garritan HP effects

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    Question Finale 2008a Midi export with Garritan HP effects

    Hi there

    I've searched the forums for an answer to this, but with no luck. I want reliably to export a midi file including the Human Playback effects as applied to Garritan full GPO. What's strange is that occasionally it seems to work - but at the moment I get an export with non-GPO effects (e.g. dynamics on velocity and controller 7, and no keyswitches).

    I have tried a plain export MIDI - generally not GPO-friendly. I have tried the 'Apply Human Playback' plugin - this has worked OK sometimes, but not consistently, and certainly not at the moment!

    What's strange is that when GPO data is included, sometimes dynamics etc don't get applied consistently.

    I want to fine-tune the output with Sonar, but not apply everything from scratch!

    Thanks! I'm using Finale 2008a, BTW.

    David Keeffe

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    Lightbulb Re: Finale 2008a Midi export with Garritan HP effects

    I did a bit more experimenting after reading another post. It seems that there used to be a preference to "apply garritan effects" in HP, which has gone in 2008. I tried starting a playback of the piece using GPO, which automatically loaded the library. Then I stopped the playback and saved as MIDI. There was the Garritan-friendly data. No 'apply human playback' plugin etc. was used.

    No documentation to suggest this 'playback first' was necessary, BTW.

    OK so far so good. However, what I see is a severely restricted set of dynamics. I saw one crescendo effect, and then nothing - a handful of CC#1 changes, but a lot of velocity usage. This was as applied to strings - it's as if HP lost track of Pizz and Arco and was applying the Pizz effect to an Arco section.

    There have been other times where HP dynamics (not exported) were 'lost', BTW. Having said that, by and large it's fine!

    David K

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    Re: Finale 2008a Midi export with Garritan HP effects

    Hi David:

    With respect to the loss of dynamics after the switch between pizz and arco, I posted a response to your question in the Finale forum, which I'll repeat below:

    Hi David:

    I tried quick test and verified that my version of 2008a did the same thing -- with section strings as well! (Violins KS)

    I think I found a fix, however:

    If you go into Playback Settings/HP Preferences/Instrument Techniques & Effects
    ... and under General Controls, change the Action 2 for "Standard (arco)" to "Dynamic: CC#1" it seems to work.

    (That setting in mine was set to (Skip)).

    -- Good luck,


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    Thumbs up Re: Finale 2008a Midi export with Garritan HP effects

    Kudos to Harvey (pickles7) for the answer! Thanks !

    David K

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