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Topic: Question about ARIA versions of libs (re upgrades)

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    Question about ARIA versions of libs (re upgrades)

    I am brand new to the Garritan world - I *just* purchased my first Garritan libs (GPO and Strad) and received them last week. I didn't get them in the go-round (was unaware ).

    I am really excited about the ARIA 64-bit versions of all these libs, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there would be an upgrade version of these? I'd also really like to buy the Gofriller (almost did already), but perhaps I should wait for the ARIA version?

    On another note, I'm beside myself with glee over the Steinway. I know there has been no lack of appreciation expressed over this one, but I had to chime in myself. I'm an Ivory owner, but I look forward to something even better than that. Thanks Mr. Garritan!

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    Re: Question about ARIA versions of libs (re upgrades)

    Hello EricH,

    Sorry to read that you missed out on the 'Go Round' promotion. I was fortunate enough to buy the CoMB having already bought GPO and JaBB. Gary is planning another 'Go Round' soon so if you are planning more libraries it might be worth waiting.

    ARIA is so new that we really don't have much information but I would hazard a calculated guess and going by Gary's previous form I believe that he will provide an upgrade path.
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