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Topic: Dakota Sound Card issue

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    Dakota Sound Card issue

    I bought VI Solo Strings, installed it, and run it in standalone mode on a computer. I am able to open at least three instances of it. I can get sounds from three different MIDI ports (each port in one instance of the standalone application). I swapped my Mia soundcard with a Frontier Design wavecenter card and it does not let me open more than one functioning instance of VI. When I open another instance of the standalone player, the message says that the card is busy with another program. I didn't have this problem with the MIA.

    Tech support suggested that it was not possible to open more than one instance due to something with the ASIO drivers. I swapped the MIA card again and I can get three instances of the standalone player mode again.

    Any ideas about what's going on here? I downloaded the latest drivers for Frontier card.

    By the way, I swapped cards because I wanted to maintain an Optical ADAT connection. I don't care for the SPDIF connection.


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    Re: Dakota Sound Card issue

    Both cards are using ASIO?
    Are you sure the MIA is not using WDM?

    Possibly try WDM to fix the problem or look for a check box that says "Share Drivers..." or something similar.


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    Re: Dakota Sound Card issue

    Thanks Steve. I'll have to check my other computers too.

    The driver configuration slot in the VI player reads:

    ASIO Echo WDM


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