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Topic: Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

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    Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

    I think most level minded professionals understand the advantages and disadvantages of smaller companies. Smaller companies generally give you better customer support. Smaller companies are going to have longer development cycles. Smaller companies most times give you a better product because of the personal attention and care in the product. Smaller companies have shorter and clearer avenues of communication with their consumer base.

    We Spectrasonic fans have enjoyed and understood all of the above about Spectrasonics.

    So why is this one topic so hard to get an answer to? Is this the end of development for Trilogy and Atmosphere? Is it too much to say whether there will or will not be a native intel solution?

    Did anyone at NAMM ask? Did Eric say? If not...I'm asking now. I can't presume how to run Spectrasonics...but I can't see the harm in communicating intentions to your client base about a product they bought in to. A past product...not some cutting edge product that may hurt market place competitiveness.

    And I dare say that to most users Atmos/Trilogy at the end of development is far easier to swallow than lack of communication. THAT...is large company tactics.

    Still tho...great products. Great owner. Don't let the text fool you....I would say all the above with a smile.

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    Re: Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

    I'd love to know this as well.

    I have tried the Atmos wrapper twice, both with horrible, unplayable results.

    Simply don't have the time to troubleshoot, which according to many other people may be an exercise in futility anyway.

    Trilogy and Atmosphere have been out of my pallette for over a year now since I upgraded to Mactel.

    It is a shame. They really are great instruments.
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    Re: Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

    I certainly cannot speak for Eric but from what i understand the wrappers are an intermediate solution until september 15th when Omnisphere is released.
    That will be the final Intelsolution for all Atmosphere users.

    Dont know about Trilogy but i am sure it will follow as soon as Omnisphere is being released.


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    Re: Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

    Spectrasonics' tech support told me to get an updated wrapper and that makes Atmosphere somewhat more usable (from 'not usable,' to 'usable').

    You might try checking Spectrasonics' support area -- they had updated the wrapper within a few days of its initial release.

    To be clear, though, it is still not totally smooth sailing. I continue to have freezes with it (Mac Pro Intel Xeon computer, with Digital Performer).

    However, you never know if that's because of your DAW host, other plug-ins, the fact that I'm streaming firewire video; it's just hard to know what is causing the problematic interaction.
    Kind regards,


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    Re: Spectrasonics, re: intel updates

    Quote Originally Posted by dubaifox

    Trilogy and Atmosphere have been out of my pallette for over a year now since I upgraded to Mactel.
    I live and work in the music city.....this is what I see most in programmers/producers as well.

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