Is anyone running multiple Firewire devices into a MAC/Logic environment using Aggregate devices?

I want to try to get the following working, but not sure if it is 'doable' (currently running under Tiger, but plan Leopard upgrade soon...using an Imac24, with 3GB RAM).

1.Tascam 1884 control surface via FW to the iMAC
2.Korg M3 Module via FW (to one of the inputs on the Tascam 1884). The Korg FW board allows you to send/receive midi, audio data (6 channels), and see the Lorg M3 module as a 'virtual instrument'.
3.Yamaha XS8 via FW (to one of the FW ports on the Korg M3). The Yamaha FW connection (call mLAN) lets send/receive midi, audio data 14 channels.

Since most devices are still FW400 only, I can't make sue of the 2nd FW port on the iMAC, since it is FW800.

If I can get all these devices connected, i should be able to have Logic 'see'

8 channels of audio input from the Tascam 1884
8 channels of audio from the ADAT Behringer Pro-8 connected to the Tascam
6 channels of Korg M3 Module audio (one FW cable)
14 channels of Yamaha XS8 audio (one FW cable)

Also Logic should be able to 'see'

Korg M3, Yamaha Motif XS as midi in/out devices (via the same FW connections.

Cool if it all works, but not for the 'faint of heart'.

Anyone running a similar 'complex' setup like above?

Any suggestions.