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Topic: Loading Garritan in Logic 8

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    Question Loading Garritan in Logic 8

    I recently upgraded from Logic 7 to Logic 8. When I attempt to load a project from Logic 7 that utilizes GPO into Logic 8 I get the following message: “Could not allocate DFD memory (not enough memory available). Audio engine will be stopped.” After selecting “OK” multiple times, I get the message: “Panic: Could not allocate enough memory. Application is likely to become unstable.” Logic then quits.

    I am running a MacBook Pro (Intel Mac) with 2 GB of RAM. I have adjusted the DFD memory allocation in Kontakt Player 2 but still can’t load. How do I make this work?
    Orch 1
    MacBook Pro (2GB RAM), Logic Pro 7, GPO, Kontakt 2, G-Drive (350GB)

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    Re: Loading Garritan in Logic 8

    The word going around various Logic help forums is to finish Logic 7 projects in Logic 7 and start new projects in Logic 8. Hopefully, you didn't take Logic 7 off your computer.


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