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Topic: Dispatch from NAMM

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    Dispatch from NAMM

    I was privileged to attend the NAMM convention today in Anaheim- thanks to Gary's comp tickets for myself and my two student musician kids.

    Let me say this: Stopping by the Garritan booth I listened to the new (soon to be released) Steinway instrument. It is spectacular!! Can you imagine somebody handing you the keys to a new Ferrari to take a drive? This is the real deal!!!

    Jeff H. tells me that it will be released within 2 week. Start your stop watches.


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    Re: Dispatch from NAMM

    We will sell no wine before its time.

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    Re: Dispatch from NAMM

    Quote Originally Posted by propianist
    Our stop watches have been running over two years, y'know...
    Well, you know, I just can't hold my breath much longer!


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