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Topic: Garritan, MakeMusic, Steinberg & Yamaha form Music Education Alliance

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    Garritan, MakeMusic, Steinberg & Yamaha form Music Education Alliance


    -MESH Partnership Helps Music Teachers Harness the Power of Computer Music Technology -

    ANAHEIM, Calif. - Leaders in their respective fields, Garritan, MakeMusic, Steinberg and Yamaha have formed a partnership that will provide integrated solutions to the music education market in the United States.

    Announced at Winter NAMM 2008, the Music Education Software and Hardware (MESH) initiative brings together hardware, software, sound content and curriculum to provide compelling and complete turn-key solutions for today's music educators, who are often faced with an array of products that can be difficult to navigate and integrate. In addition to aggregating four major components of music education technology into a seamless bundle, the alliance will also provide training to teachers based in the U. S., enabling them to fully utilize the power of computer music technology solutions.

    Garritan is the undisputed leader in sound libraries for the educational market. Garritan Personal Orchestra is used in schools worldwide and a special set of Garritan instruments are integrated into MakeMusic's Finale® notation software.

    "MESH is truly greater than the sum of its parts," said Gary Garritan, President of Garritan. "We will not only provide recommended systems tailored to individual educators' needs, but also work in the future to advance integration between our software instruments, making it easier than ever before for teachers to take advantage of music technology."

    MakeMusic, Inc. is a world leader in software and systems for music educators and musicians. Their products include Finale®, the world's best-selling family of music notation software, and SmartMusic®, the acclaimed learning software for band, orchestra and choir.
    "MakeMusic is committed to transforming and enhancing the experience of making, teaching and learning music," said Ron Raup, co-Chief Executive Officer, MakeMusic. "As such, we believe the MESH Technology Alliance represents a perfect fit for both our products and our mission."
    Owned by Yamaha, Steinberg music production software has always placed strong emphasis on education within its Sequel, Cubase and Wavelab line of products. With the release of its new music curriculum (the Steinberg Classroom Resource Pack), Steinberg will help lead the way in using digital audio workstation technology to develop traditional musical skills.

    Yamaha, the world's largest musical instrument manufacturer, features a wide range of products targeted to the educational market. With the release of the KX Series MIDI controllers and the POCKETRAK portable recorder at Winter NAMM 2008, Yamaha provides all the essential hardware components to deliver MESH's complete end-to-end solutions for the educational market-from audio interface to keyboards to studio monitors.

    "Because Yamaha Corporation of America distributes both Yamaha and Steinberg products in the U.S., we can provide a large part of these music technology solutions," said Terry Lewis, Executive Vice President, Yamaha Corporation of America. "But when best-in-class companies like Garritan and MakeMusic join with us to form a team, the possibilities are astounding."
    For more information, visit Yamaha at Winter NAMM 2008 in the Anaheim Marriott, Marquis Ballroom; write Yamaha Corporation of America, Pro Audio & Combo Division, Music Production, P.O. Box 6600, Buena Park, California 90622; telephone (714) 522-9011; e-mail infostation@yamaha.com; or visit www.yamaha.com.

    About Yamaha
    Yamaha Corporation of America is the largest subsidiary of Yamaha Corporation, Japan and offers a full line of musical instruments and sound reinforcement products to the U.S. market. Products include: acoustic and digital pianos, portable keyboards, guitars, acoustic and electronic drums, band and orchestral instruments, marching percussion products, synthesizers, professional digital and analog audio products, and innovative technology products targeted to the hobbyist, education, worship, professional music, and installation markets.

    Marc Ferris/Giles Communications
    (914) 798-7121 (mferris@giles.com)

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    Re: Garritan, MakeMusic, Steinberg & Yamaha form Music Education Alliance

    Wow! You *have* been busy!

    More great news!



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    Re: Garritan, MakeMusic, Steinberg & Yamaha form Music Education Alliance

    Congratulations again Gary, I agree, it certainly seems as if you have been busy.

    This partnership sounds interesting. Garritan with Make Music sounds good. Yamaha has increased its share of Cakewalk but I'm not sure how much this partnership will impact on Cakewalk's products if at all. As for Steinberg, their poor customer relations is well documented; just visit their forums. If they really want to be involved in education then the first thing they need is a change in attitude. I suppose this partnership has to be a good thing for everyone so it will be interesting to see what comes of it.
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