Hello, i am new here and would be grateful if anyone could shed some light on the following problem.

I have been using the Garritan packages with Cubase SL2 for a couple of years now and have had no problems.

I have just got a new computer and installed everything. (windows xp, intel quad core 2.4, 2gb ram). I have installed the kp2 update and am still able to use the kontakt p1, by copying the files to the back up folder - as mentioned elsewhere here.

I started a project using the old jabb and gpo players - i haven't looked too much at the new player and wanted to do something quickly, and thought using the old players should be ok.

I spent ages loading up the instruments i needed, etc - when i tried to re-load the project, i got the errort message - "a serious technical problem has occured, please try and re-name you file, etc"

So the file was corrupt and i started again - this time i saved back up copies of the project as i went along, to see if this would happen again. The next day, i try to open the file, and get the same message - even with the back up copies.

I don't know for sure that it is Garritan, but it does seem to be with large projects - i don't know if i have some problem with the ram settings on my pc, or how to check them.

Any help would be appreciated.