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Topic: GS3 - final state

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    GS3 - final state

    Nothing is perfect and sometimes things just don't work. I had a lot to say in the G3 Systems that work when Jon suggested I use that thread to to try and get my computer to play G3. Two and a half years later, I hired Fred Maher to look into the problem as a last resort. He collaborated with the techs at TASCAM and they collectively concluded that they do not know why G3 never worked on that computer. Their final advice was - use GVI.

    So for the faint of heart and those who have financed endless tries - waiting for the pioneers to slug through G4 is good advice. Even then - you may be in for a ride you didn't want to take. I could be wrong - and I hope I am. Good luck with whatever upgrades and new machines you are getting into.

    And thanks to all who offered suggestions to help me out.

    tony h
    tony h
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    Re: GS3 - final state

    thats the same response I got from Tascam! And that it was *my* fault for upgrading from gs160 to gs3... so they *let* me buy GVI for $75 to solve all my problems... not that I was in mid production with 4 projects, 1 of them being 28 songs for a broadway show and all of those .gsp's wouldnt load anymore... lol
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