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Topic: Page Fault in Kernel 32.DLL

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    Page Fault in Kernel 32.DLL

    Can anyone help me? I installed GIGA LE and when I tried to run it I got an error message \"invalid page fault in module kernel 32.dll at 015f:bff74372\" I don\'t remember the exact words in the message but the result of this is Gigasampler could not scan my machine for the information it needs to configure. I searched the forum but it seems nobody has had this particular problem. I\'m new to the sampling game and just bought my first sample disks. I\'m pretty excited about the quality of the sounds that are available to me now. If I can only get this thing working!!! Any ideas?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Page Fault in Kernel 32.DLL

    You\'ll probably get the fastest help trouble shooting something like this by calling NemeSys tech support.

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    Re: Page Fault in Kernel 32.DLL

    2 things you might want to try: 1 - go to the web site and download the 1.62 update. This may fix it. Also, if you have a directound sound card, disable the directsound and enable multiclient audio. These may not work, but they\'re worth a shot.


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