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Topic: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

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    Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    This is an older piece of mine, and seeing as everyone is posting excerpts from musicals, I figured, why not post an excerpt from something I wanted to do as a musical: "Le crime de l'Orient Express" (Murder on the Orient Express).


    Sadly, the copyright owners refused my request for setting it to music, so this overture is the only part that got done.

    This is basically a large pit orchestra:
    flute (piccolo)
    2 clarinets (2nd on bass clarinet)

    1 trumpet
    2 horns
    2 percussionists

    and a small string section.

    I tried to get the feeling of both the period and the sensation of "train" in the overture.

    All sounds are GPO, with the addition of a Gofriller cello.

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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    I think you did capture the train and period well with this overture.

    You did a great job on it. Too bad you ran into business problems.

    Maybe you can use this for another project.


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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    It would have been an outstanding musical. The ouverture is beautiful, quaint, but the evil is there just below the surface....
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
    My Music Site

    Pour être grand, il faut avoir été petit.

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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"


    It always amazes me the production you get out of just Finale. I gave up on Sibelius for the final mix just because I couldn't get this kind of reality without working for 20 years on each piece. I am sure you are loving the Grof Cello as well.

    As always you have posted another interesting piece and it is a pity the issues could not be worked out to allow this to have progressed further.

    Well done


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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    Thank-you Phil, Louis and Ron.

    I have not been very lucky in finding text to set to music. It seems that every time I choose one to set, the holder of the rights either has specific instructions not to allow setting to music (Murder on the Orient express, and another I was interested in as an opera: "Inherit the Wind") or I'm in competition with another composer who wants to set it to music (Dolores Claiborne, by Stephen King, which apparently is being negotiated for an opera by another composer.. I'm suspecting Danny Elfman on this last one).

    I have found a local author to discuss writing an original libretto for an opera. We should be meeting in the upcoming weeks.

    I intended on using GPO as my backup orchestra for the premiere, once the piece is composed.

    Anyways, thanks for listening. I actually had not listened to this piece in quite a while. It was a refreshing blast from the past for me.

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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"


    This is a really nice music adapation. I think that it captures the sounds and feeling of a train in motion. And the production is excellent. Thanks for sharing it here.



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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    Thank-you Gary.

    I'm actually looking forward to hearing Randy's musical mix with real voices and GPO. I intend on using GPO for an opera production in a few years, and am excited at the propect of hearing how well it worked for him (and obviously, hearing the great music he wrote for his musical).

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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    thank-you so much Jon! I'm so happy you noticed the "foreshadowing" (and yes, I do believe it's a real word).

    I wanted to give it a grand sweeping "main" theme, representing the Orient Express itself. Then I wanted to hint at motifs that would be used more within the musical itself (the long cello line becomes the love theme, for example). I also added a little hint of viennese waltz (although it's 3+3+2), since this WAS supposed to be a party train.

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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"


    I liked very much the motion of the train throughout, with the different scenes passing by. There are also many hints as to things that are happening or about to happen.
    You did a very good job from all points of view and I hope that you will find the way to continue it.
    You can invent your own story/film, or base it on a PD one.
    Don't give up!


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    Re: Overture to "Le Crime de l'Orient Express"

    Thank-you Yudit/Sunbird.

    I wanted to write an overture that was not so much a mishmash of all the themes that would follow, as a piece that stood on its own and acted as a real prelude to the subsequant action.

    I still terribly regret the stubbornness of the copyright holders in refusing permission to set this book.

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