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Topic: GVI 4 (mac) or Translator for giga to EXS?

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    GVI 4 (mac) or Translator for giga to EXS?

    Hello everyone,

    I have some old giga libs I've purchased and converted for EXS, and though I can still play the main parts, most of the programing has been lost (controller data, key switch, etc). If you wanted to improve this situation, would you buy $300 GVI 4 (mac) to play the giga libs directly as a plugin in Logic, or would you buy a translator program ($150) and convert the giga libs to EXS/Kontakt.

    I dont have many giga libs now, but may consider purchasing more if it was easy to convert/play. Thanks in advance for your replies!

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    Re: GVI 4 (mac) or Translator for giga to EXS?

    GVI isn't available for Mac yet AFAIK...is it??

    I did plenty of Giga>exs conversions with Translator and it was ok for basic patches but otherwise quite a compromise. However, makng the keyswitches yourself isn't that hard, especially if you use Redmatica's Keymap.



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    Re: GVI 4 (mac) or Translator for giga to EXS?

    GVI4 (PC and Mac) will be out in a few more months... it's still in active beta-country.
    — alanb




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    Re: GVI 4 (mac) or Translator for giga to EXS?

    have you tried to run LinuxSampler on OS X ? It should usually give give much more faithful playback than using sample formats converters as it can play the GIG format without any conversion. Give it a try and let us know. Although LinuxSampler runs as a standalone application with the Jack OS X audio router you can route back the audio directly into Logic (or any sequencer) giving you full flexibility.

    See here for the OS X quickstart howto:

    LinuxSampler the disk-streaming capable free multi platform open source sampler

    Now for Windows and OS X too:

    For questions and support visit the LinuxSampler User Forum:

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