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Topic: Gary, I had a horrible nightmare!

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    Gary, I had a horrible nightmare!

    I was just reading stuff about the new Authorized Steinway when... suddenly it came to me!!!

    I know you guys have created a clever copy protection scheme for the new Authorized Steinway, but what if the copy protection fails I will end up with a Non-authorized Steinway.

    Is there any way to recover my Non-authorized Steinway after this? What about it's value if I one day decide to sell it? It won't be even half of the moneyt I paid for it, no one will pay the same money for a Non-authorized Steinway, because it will sound like crap, the amount of gigabytes required will climb to 40, the player will turn into Kontakt Player 1 beta and the resonance will be pathetic resonance.

    So please help me Gary and save me from my horrible vision of future! Please tell me this can't happen!!!

    Your loyal groupie,
    Juhana xxxx

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    Re: Gary, I had a horrible nightmare!


    What a frightening prospect. But fear not! Your key is always available to you when you log onto our registration site. And we can also email it to you too.

    Sleep easy,


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