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Topic: WAY OT - Vote 10 for MyJones Soda

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    WAY OT - Vote 10 for Jones Soda

    Go to the site below and vote for this picture so it can end up on a bottle of it. It was made by my friend, and it's just awesome

    please and thankyou
    Anthony Abruscato

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    Re: WAY OT - Vote 10 for MyJones Soda

    I'm a Seahawk fan. Jones Soda kicked Coca Cola out of the stadium this year. To get into the spirit, the company released some, uh, interesting new flavors.

    SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Jones Soda Co. announces today its limited edition Seahawks Collector Pack of five new football-inspired flavors which includes: Dirt Soda, Sports Cream Soda, Perspiration Soda, Natural Field Turf Soda, and Sweet Victory Soda.

    “Throughout their career, the average NFL player will spend 2 years of their life in the gym, eat 3 pounds of dirt and perspire 10,000 gallons of sweat. These players must withstand incredibly tough conditions to be ready for every game, which is why we thought we’d bring the fans the full experience in a bottle,” says Peter van Stolk, President & C.E.O. “Now, you can enjoy all the sweat and dirt an NFL player experiences, along with the ultimate taste of Sweet Victory.”...

    To get an idea of the flavors check out this video:

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