The introduction crossgrade to Chris Hein - Bass ends Jan. 31th.

If you own any Kontakt-Player Library, you can get Chris Hein - Bass
for the special price of 320 USD + Tax until Jan. 31th.
After that time, the regular price will be: 349 €, 449 $

European customers:
Chris Hein - Bass Complete DVD - Edition incl. 19% Tax: 262,00 € 386,00 $

Non european customers and european customers with valid VAT ID Nr:
Chris Hein - Bass Complete DVD - Edition excl. Tax: 217,00 € 320,00 $

Single-Instrument Download-Edition is available for all six basses
of the CHB complete DVD-Edition. Each download instrument contains the
full version with all samples and the Kontakt-Player2. However, the
Ampex SVX Uno amp-simulation is only available with the DVD-edition.

The price for the first single instrument download is 89,00 € 131,00 $
The price for every following instrument of Chris Hein Bass is 79,00 € 116,50 $
Chris Hein - Bass Single Instrument Download - Edition:

All Infos about CHB can be found here:

Watch the CHB product-videos:

If you have any question concerning CHB or the Crossgrade,
let me know,

Chris Hein