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Topic: my latest album is online...

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    my latest album is online...

    ILLUSIONS ("ILLUSIONI", in italian) is my latest solo album. It was given to my friends as Christmas gift, and now i partially publish it on the net.
    The cd is very etherogeneus, it has 12 songs (10 original piece, 2 covers/rearrangements) which go from soundtrack-style music, to rock/hard rock/progressive, to ethnic, ambient, new age, classical...
    You will find the complete tracklist with download of all the songs (or part of them...typically 1.5 minutes long ) in my website, along with some comments regarding the songs themselves and the production.


    Just to give you an hint about the production, i used the following stuff...

    Sonar 6 Studio Edition
    Jamstix and Bob Clearmountain 2 for drums
    Garritan Personal Orchestra
    Kontak 2 + stock library
    Rare Instruments
    RAW Samples
    Twisted Textures
    Creamware Pulsar Dynatube, Dynatube Bass, PSYQ, Optimaster, B2003
    Chitarra Yamaha Pacifica (elettric), Alhambra 3C (classic), Yamaha CPX (acoustic)
    Basso Ibanex Soundgear 800
    Flutes (both real and sampled ones)
    Indian sitar
    Slovak Fujarka
    Minidisc for background sound recording
    Behringer V-AMP pro
    Presonus TubePre
    Roytek CM200WB condenser mic
    ... and a lot of other stuff which i can't remember!

    I will be happy to receive some comments regarding it... ;-)

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    Re: my latest album is online...

    Congrats on the album release! Seems like a lot of work and much to listen to. Maybe you could highlight one or two in a thread here? Will go and take a listen ... Thanks for the post.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: my latest album is online...

    Hi, Bosone

    Congratulations on the completion of your very large project!

    I know people would enjoy hearing your work, but it can be overwheming to be presented with so much at once. As Michael has also suggested, it would be great if you posted the link to one song at a time - People here would be much more likely to listen and comment.

    I listened to the first tracks "Twins" - didn't take me long to hear what TV show you were referring to. "Twin Peaks" remains one of my top favorite TV shows of all time - it's so funny, scary, weird, and such a smart parody of TV shows in general. It's rare for TV to be truly artful in the way that show was. It leaves modern shows like "C.S.I" completely in the dust.

    Your take-off on the show's haunting theme song sounds very good to me - Excellent work in fact.

    And now I look forward to going back to your site to hear more of your album.


    Randy B.

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    Re: my latest album is online...

    Congratulations on the album, Bosone!

    My best,


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    Re: my latest album is online...

    tnx for the comments...
    i decided to post the complete link to my site, also because not all the songs are complete, and many are just an excerpt 1 - 1.5 minutes long...
    anyway, as you have suggested, i post here some highlights, i.e. the complete songs i have uploaded:

    "The road to Saturn" - It is between ethnic music and progressive-post-rock. The theme is developed in different ways with electrical and classical guitar, and the structure is unusual. For the melody i used some ethnic samples downloaded from Raw Samples and i also added some acoustic guitar "spanish"-like solo. Some ethnic percussions and drums - Bob Clearmountain 2 - played by Rayzoon Jamstix complete the piece

    This is a new-age style song. written some years ago and rearranged. I added some voice recorded from the Slovak television, which i consider very evocative (expecially the female one). I also played one of the traditional Slovak flute, called Fujarka.

    "This is the way in which it ends the world"
    The album ends in two part:

    "This is the way in which it ends the world:in a lament"
    Prelude n.1 from Bach's "well tempered clavier" played by the classical guitar and the voice of a friend of mine, recitating a poem (in italian) by Thomas Eliot ("The hollow men")

    "This is the way in which it ends the world:in a soap bubble"
    A cover from a famous old videogame (Bubble bobble), very funny and lively, according to me...

    some songs (excerpts) that i like a lot are:

    "My memory".
    It a very intense piece, which i wrote for a sad event. It could be a music for a soundtrack. The main theme is played by the Garritan Personal Orchestra piano, while the flute is the tin whistle from "Rare Instruments".

    "A scent from far away".
    I put some of my remebering from India in this song... A sitar and some street voices i recorded in Chennai give rise to an ethnic painting and a sound-image from a distant land. I added some tablas ("pure tablas" library), a bass and a some prog-drum, as always played byRayzoon Jamstix. I also dubbed the Sitar with a cheap, but terrific flute i bought in China. In the middle part i also used an harmonium sampled by me.

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