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Topic: OT: mac user considers switching platforms...

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    OT: mac user considers switching platforms...

    It\'s really becoming quite clear that the PC is winning the race with regard to music production tools. I\'m a long-time mac user and it really frustrates me to see the latest and greatest tools in a PC-only environment. Sound Forge, Acid, Fruity Loops, Gigastudio...on and on. To me, these are all tools I could use RIGHT NOW, but time doesn\'t allow me to master two different platforms. I have Halion and EXS24 on the mac and neither one of them can touch gigasampler in the power/performance area.

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    Re: OT: mac user considers switching platforms...

    There\'s really not that much of a learning curve anymore in terms of interface difference between Mac and PC. It\'s just not that hard. With the prices these days it\'s not out of reach to use both if you want. On the other hand, powerful musical and editing tools take time to learn on either platform. So rather than a platform question it\'s more one of whether you want to invest the time to learn the tools. Just my opinion.

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    Re: OT: mac user considers switching platforms...

    I use the Mac as the master, with Pro Tools as the front end. I have a PC that does nothing but run Gigasampler. That is as close as I need to get to a PC. How anyone could prefer the PC\'s chessy interface to the Mac is beyond me, but that\'s what makes horse races.

    I can do anything with this combination I need to do. I wouldn\'t jump ship yet

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    Re: OT: mac user considers switching platforms...

    I agree about the interface--especially since my PC (yes I have one) is running win98. I love the mac\'s user-freindly vibe. BUT that klunky PC *never* crashes on me when running GS--even while checking email, downloading mp3s off the net and running Go Live and working on my website! On my G4 dual 450, running Logic Audio and Halion, I get 10 -20 crashes a day, with just a few (large) GS patches loaded. Of course this is OS 9.2 and I get crashes with other programs, and can\'t multitask worth beans.

    I have a technology \"threshhold\" that I routinely pass when I\'m using both computers together. I find it much more cumbersome for some reason. Maybe it\'s an ergonomic thing--I have one main piece of furniture with no room for the PC keyboard and mouse! Plus I\'ve devoted MOST of my time this year to mastering tools on the mac and getting a stable MIDI setup, tweaking hardware sampler patches etc.

    Anyway wouldn\'t it be nice just to have to deal with one computer--it\'s a dream that\'s probably a year or two off at least. I want to run OSX exclusively on the mac and get a gigabit ethernet to connect the two worlds so it wont be such a PITA to use both together.

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