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Topic: Logic 8 + Atmos. Wrapper = ear splitting noise

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    Logic 8 + Atmos. Wrapper = ear splitting noise

    Is no one else having this problem?

    I have a blank Logic 8 project. I drop in 2 Instrument tracks: one an Atmosphere Wrapper, the other, say, Absynth.

    I record a part in Atmosphere, any part. I then switch tracks which automatically record-enables the Absynth track. If I then press play, I get the most ear-piercing repeated popping noise, and the meter for the Atmosphere and Main Out channel strips both overload (+6). If I press stop or pause, the noise continues. The only way I can stop the noise is to:

    - quit Logic
    - switch back to the Atmosphere track and press the Record Enable button

    As long as Atmosphere remains the active track, the popping noise does not recur. But as soon as I make another track the active track, this noise occurs.

    It does not appoear that I can freeze wrapper tracks. When I try, I get the same popping overload noise as the freeze audio file. Sometimes when I unfreeze a track I get this same noise, with my only remedy the options described above.

    I CAN route the output of a wrapper to a bus, and route that bus into an audio track, so I am using that to do temporary bouncing of Atmosphere wrapper tracks. However, the wrapper track must be selected throughout the record, or else I'll get the ear piercing noise.

    If I disconnect the output of the wrapper track in the channel strip, I no longer get the noise however the meter for that channel strip registers an overload (+6).

    Bit-depth and sample rate do not have any bearing on this. I get the problem regardless of whether I go with 16 or 24 bits, 44 or 96 kHz.

    My config:

    2.33 MHz Core 2 Duo MacBook Pro (Rev B)
    Logic 8.0.0
    OS X 10.4.10
    Atmosphere Wrapper v0.6
    Pro Apps update not applied

    I have not done updates yet but that is planned (both to Logic 8.0.1 and OS X 10.4.11).

    Any clues on how to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: Logic 8 + Atmos. Wrapper = ear splitting noise

    Just FYI

    System and Logic updates do not fix this problem. Also, it does not matter what audio interface I use, they all generate these horrible pops whenever a track not assigned to the wrapper is selected.

    Nobody else is seeing this type of behavior?

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