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Topic: Please let us hear it!!!

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    Please let us hear it!!!

    Garyyy you know what we want to hear so desperately! Just a small sweet mp3 to caress our ears

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    Re: Please let us hear it!!!

    Thanks for your interest.

    When the Steinway is released we'll let users post demos.

    We have learned the hard way that posting demos beforehand is like painting a bulls-eye for critics to take their best shot. In the past even competitors (hiding behind aliases), the uninformed and those with agendas have sometimes viciously flamed. We don't want to get needlessly sidetracked and our efforts have to be fully devoted to getting the product out to users.

    Company produced and super-polished demos are not the best indicator of a library and can be misleading.

    Once it is in the hands of users there will be hundreds and (mostly likely) thousands of demos that will eventually come that will give a good indicator of what the library is about.

    Thanks for understanding.


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    Re: Please let us hear it!!!


    Thanks for a quick reply. I completely understand! Congratulations on a good NAMM-success, eagerly waiting to order my copy of the grand, I know I won't need any demos for my decision to buy it anyway..!

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