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Topic: Symphony in the classical style

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    Symphony in the classical style

    Hello everybody!

    This is my first post here at the Garritan forum and I decided to make a piece in the
    classical style with GPO, which I purchased some time last autumn!
    The piece is a first movement of a symphony (with a slow introduction) written in
    the style of, say C. P. E. Bach or maybe an early Haydn from
    the Sturm un Drang-period, and hopefully it doesn't sound too distant
    from that (there are probably similarities with lots of themes and
    motives from other pieces here, but it's hard to not have any at all in this style!).

    The sequencer used is EnergyXT and the reverb “Voxengo Pristine Space” (I hope you don't
    mind too much some occasional small “clicks” here and there,
    due to my computers rather old hardware).


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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    Hi Halvor,

    welcome to the forum and especially the listening room. It is a great place here.

    I like your writing very much. You really breathe this style. Also the rendering is very good.

    For the mix, I have to listen tomorrow again on my monitors.

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    That's wonderful!

    I haven't enjoyed a piece of original music this much in a long time. Bravo!

    Welcome to the forum. I certainly look forward to hearing more of your great music.

    Tell us all about yourself.

    Best regards,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    Halvor, very nice writing,
    and I agree the recording is nice too!

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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    Splendid piece.

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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    Hey Halvor,

    What a great work that exquisitely recalls the refinement and solid craftsmanship of early classical.

    This is really outstanding! Your themes were well developed and you paid such close attention to the lightest touches of dynamic change and tempo.

    The rendering is perfect!

    Welcome to the forum ... hope to hear more from you soon.

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Symphony in the classical style


    Welcome to the forum. You certainly have created a work very much in the style of the period of Haydn. It is very delicate and well thought out. And your application of GPO is excellent. Thanks for sharing it here.



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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    A warm welcome to the forum, Halvor!

    And quite a stunning introduction of your work --
    oustanding in all regards: superb writing, first-
    rate conducting and interpretation, and excellent
    rendering of the piece.

    Halvor, I genuinely look forward to hearing much,
    much more from you! What a pleasure!

    All my best,


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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    This is great with a very delicate touch. You have a good ear for rendering.


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    Re: Symphony in the classical style

    Welcome to The Listening Room, halvor!

    I'm coming in a tiny bit late to the concert - but I sure appreciate the good seats you saved for me and my lady Kate, smack dab in the middle of the expensive section.

    Sublime - Enthralling. Exciting emulation of Haydn, Bach et al without sounding pedantic or labored in the smallest degree.

    Superb recording, and a perfect example of how fantastic GPO can sound when handled with sensitivity. I see you use a sequencer, which I feel is the most intuitive way to achieve sterling results like this. And my first paragraph was in reference to how tastefully you used Pristine Space - there's a completely successful sense of this being performed in a live venue without the overpowering wash of reverb heard too often.

    I certainly hope you stick around, listen to the wide variety of excellent music posted by others here, swap tips, get as engaged with the community as your time allows.


    Randy B.

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