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Topic: Garritan ConcertMarchingBand problems with Finale

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    Garritan ConcertMarchingBand problems with Finale

    I am still having a problem with ConcertMarchingBand and Finale. Here are the particulars.

    I am using Concert Marching Band with Finale 2007c exclusively.
    My operating system is Windows XP pro SP2.
    I am running a Pentium 2.4 with 1gb ddr ram.
    ConcertMarchingBand and Finale were installed on a clean new 300gb Maxtor hard drive.

    Finale is installed in C:\Program Files\Finale 2007
    ConcertMarching Band is installed in C:\Program Files\Concert and Marching Band

    All instruments DO load into the Kontakt2 player EXCEPT "Cymbals - Orchestral".

    All instruments are available to choose from in page 2 of the new document setup wizard in Finale.

    When the score appears the following instruments, regardless of being used with other instruments or as a solo,
    appear in unamed staves. Regardless of whatever key I used they appear in treble clef in the key of C.
    Eb Cornets

    20 of 34 show up on unamed staves. This is a big problem.
    Some of the 14 that are named seem to have a generic
    staff name.

    Sarrusaphones Lite
    Eb Cornets Lite
    Mellophones Lite
    Sousaphones Lite
    Helicon Lite
    Cymbals GPO Lite
    Cymbals Lite

    The Tenor Horn loads into the Kontakt2 player as a Tenor Horn but
    loads into the score as Horn in Eb. I know it is the same thing but
    is the staff name coming from ConcertMarchingBand or Gen.MIDI?

    As an example, I choose French Horn Group 1 (5 players) or for that matter any group selection
    only 1 player shows up in the score.

    Any ideas?


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    Re: Garritan ConcertMarchingBand problems with Finale


    It seems that some of the rather obscure instruments included in the Concert Band library aren't part of the instruments that Finale has defined. Contact MM and let them know your findings. But your solution for now is very easy. Any of the instruments like the Eb Cornet that load as a non-transposing instrument, just change the transposition manually for that staff. Same thing with percussion with no name, just add it yourself. No big deal.


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    Re: Garritan ConcertMarchingBand problems with Finale

    Thanks JT, I'll give it a shot.

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