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Topic: EW libraries for GS?

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    EW libraries for GS?

    Hey guys I have really liked what I have heard of the East/West stuff, I am considering to purchase the composer bundle which includes most of the symphonic stuff as well as the choir stuff. I am currently using GS3 and VSL full pro edition and assorted other samples. I also have EmulatorX and a bunch of stuff from them that i use VST style from time to time... but I really love the sounds in the EW libraries and the choir stuff that you can type in words and have it sing them just sounds too awesome to me

    So - I understand it runs under Kontakt and comes with a version of it... my rep at sweetwater says "East/West Composer Bundle (includes Kontakt Player which plays back only the sounds in the bundle)
    -Kontakt3 Crossgrade (discounted upgrade from the Kontakt Player to the full version of Kontakt)"
    is what i want to buy... OK I have a mac running DP, am using MIDIOverLAN to talk with 2 PC's running GS3 orchestra... Do I need to break one GS3 machine and make it kontakt to run this? or how do i do this without doing it as a plugin on my mac? I have never done any rewire stuff with GS3 so is that the way to go? Kind of clueless here. Any help is much appreciated
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: EW libraries for GS?

    GS4 lets you load other VSTs (like Kontakt) into the Giga interface. It might be worth looking into upgrading at least one machine to minimally disturb your setup. A lot of the EW stuff is pretty heavy, especially the choirs, so that rig may not be able to run much other GS stuff. You might consider adding a Kontakt PC to your room.

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    Re: EW libraries for GS?

    if i were to add a kontakt PC, am i right in thinking that it would not need to be as beefy as my gig PCs? Since it can only offer 4 ports of 16 rather than the 8 that GS3 has. Or does that just have nothing to do with it? I guess my real question is what is the optimal and low cost standalone PC to run a kontakt that can support a good spread of e/w composer bundle. I usually build my own PCs so any specifics would be nice or maybe this is a discussion for kontakt forums or one that is probably there already

    anyhow thanks!
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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    Re: EW libraries for GS?

    I run Kontakt with EW on my Mac as a plug in.
    I also run 3 Gigastudio PC's running all my Gigasounds.
    No need to but another PC.

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    Re: EW libraries for GS?

    OK so here is what I ended up with. The mac and some of the soundcards are new

    Main DAW:
    OSX 10.5.2 Mac Pro quad xeon 2.6, 5 gigs ram, 250g sata for the OS and apps, 500g sata for temp space for recording projects. MIDIOverLAN, MOTU MidiTimepiece A/V, and 2 MOTU 2408 MKIII's, oh and a 30" apple cinema display *woot*

    DP 5.13, Cubase 4, Kontakt3, EastWest Libraries installed here (gold xp pro, symphonic choirs, bosendorfer, RA), Unisyn

    WinXP Pro PC core duo 2.8, 4 gigs ram, 720 gig sata raid array, 2 500gig sata discs not in array, MIDIOverLAN, Hammerfall HDSP 9652, Giga 3 orchestra, EmulatorX, VSL Full Pro Edition, *Lots* of small single box libraries

    WinXP Pro PC core duo 2.8, 4 gigs ram, 3 500 gig sata discs not in array, MIDIOverLAN, Hammerfall HDSP 9652, Giga 3 orchestra, same samples, just spread out differently since I didnt want to make the array again and im kind of stuck now on the giga1 machine since the quicksound database blows to smithereens if you change the location of the samples =(

    both giga machines I have GS4 pre-ordered for, if it EVER FREAKIN COMES! lol. Now I have to spend a month getting some good performances set up between those 2 giga machines and my EW stuff on the mac....
    Christopher Kennedy Alpiar
    Cinematic Composer

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