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Topic: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

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    Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    This is the second movement of my piano sonata in f-minor. It is a variation movement with 6 variations on a very solemn and prayer-like Adagio theme. The parts are:
    Theme Adagio sostenuto - Moderato - Allegretto - quasi Scherzo, Allegro con brio - Canon - Adagio lamentoso - Allegretto

    The variations convey quite a variety of emotional expressions with both Classical and also Barock elements.

    I ask you in particular to pay your attention to the Adagio lamentoso variation. I think it is the saddest music I ever wrote.

    I used GPO Steinway


    Gerd Prengel


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    Re: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    Hey Gerd,

    Well, this is a lot of piano to absorb but you have succeeded in never loosing, at least, my attention. To compose in variations to this high quality is something I find difficult - I tend to ramble and compose in tangents.

    Very much enjoyed your skill, discipline, and patience within this work.

    The only thing negative to my ears was the piano sounded a bit "clank-y" in some areas. - but that's just me.

    Great work!

    "...Wiktor's a Jekyll-Hyde personality..." - Lycos Music

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    Re: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    Hello again, Gerd - It's very good to see you back with more music for us.

    And thank you for using the GPO Steinway this time, so that your offering fulfills the simple guidelines for posts here in The Listening Room.

    I admire the arrangement of your themes in this very much. 10 minutes is relatively massive - it's one of the longest pieces I've ever heard here. Impressive scope!

    I also admire your ability to work within the confines of some classical structures. Your attraction to and comfort with these forms is very clearly heard in your compositions.

    Thank you very much for the concert.

    Randy B.

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    Re: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    Congratulations Gerd on producing this well structured piece that moved forward with purpose and passion. I particularly enjoyed the handling of the Adagio lamentoso variation which was nicely resolved by the final Allegretto.

    This was an enjoyable and instructive learning experience. Thanks for posting.

    Regards Graham

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    Re: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    It's a well thought out piece and well done.

    I think your piano pieces will benefit greatly with the upcoming Garritan Steinway Piano library.

    It will have a much fuller sound and much smoother dynamics. More like a real piano plays.


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    Re: Sonata for Piano 2nd mov. Adagio con variationi

    Very well done, Gerd. I enjoyed the patient, cogent unfolding
    of the variations in this. The Adagio lamentoso variation was
    especially effective.

    With best regards,


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