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Topic: Is there any new virtuell string- or brass instrument technique announced at NAMM?

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    Is there any new virtuell string- or brass instrument technique announced at NAMM?

    After reading the news from Namm I didn`t found anything about this.

    Sure, I know Wallander`s Wivi, using his advanced behavioral modeling,

    I know Synful with their Reconstructive Phrase Modeling,

    I know Gary Garritan`s Stradivari and Gofriller with the "Sonic Morphing" technology,

    I know Peter Siedlaczek´s and Giorgio Tommasini´s new brass instrument using their Sample Modeling technology,

    and since yesterday I know that Eric Persing/Spectrasonics is working on his new Omnisphere with a new technique called "hybrid realtime synthesis techniques". Erik, what a very coooool video! I have never before seen a pianoplayer playing a burning piano

    and I know Gary Garritan`s new Aria whish includes other new interesting techniques.

    Anything else?

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    Re: Is there any new virtuell string- or brass instrument technique announced at NAMM

    I think that's all for now Gunther.
    Audio Impressions weren't at NAMM, GOS2 isn't out yet, Synful strings aren't finished, and Arne is updating the WIVI player, so the development of more instruments is stopped now. I'm not interested in brass and woodwinds now, since I find WIVI to be all what I need, and love working with it. Sure it has some flaws (like horns stacattos) but I can live with them. What I would love to see is a new strigs library. I'm sure GOS2, the new Synful strings and WIVI strings are gonna rock (each one will have its strengths and weak points), but they're not out yet.

    Have you listened to Peter Siedlaczek's String Essentials SE? I think they sound really good. Vienna Libraries has made the VSL SE Edition available for download, so you can have VSL SE Standard and Plus strings for 390€,
    if strings are what you need.

    Let's hope we have some good news at Musikmesse!

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    Re: Is there any new virtuell string- or brass instrument technique announced at NAMM?

    The only other brass thing is vir2 Mojo horns section: which is a Kontakt 2 player instrument with extensive KSP scripting.

    "The Mojo Horn library is based on samples, yes, but it's powered by more than 20000 lines of Kontakt Scripting (which i did - so i know what i speak of . Belive me: it's not just another "sampled" library. The main goal in the scripting part of this library was to achive a maximimum possible realism with as less effort as possible from the user to achive this goal. Exactly the same applys to BASiS and Elite Orchestral Percussion.

    You definitly should check it out on NAMM!----
    - Have fun! -
    Benjamin Stelzer
    Dynamitec GbR"

    And this other bit of info was provided from vir2 in the thread:

    "Thanks for the interest in Mojo: Horn Section. We announced it at NAMM, but the web pages and audio demos aren't ready yet. We hope to post these in the next couple of weeks. The firm details that we can confirm at this time are:

    *12 instruments (trumpet, trumpet mute, trombone, trombone mute, soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax, bari sax, flugelhorn, clarinet, bass trombone, piccolo trumpet)

    *Unique auto-ensembling feature: a knob on the interface lets you toggle between 1-10 players in the ensemble. Moving this knob causes the engine to call up the extra players and space them out in the stereo field. (You do have control over width and other sonic characteristics of the ensemble.)

    *Custom legato and vibrato engines.

    *More than a dozen articulations per instrument, including sustains, stabs, staccatos, bends, swells, crescendos, rise to hits, octave runs up/down, four different lengths of release falls, doits, and more.

    *Tempo-synced swells and crescendos.

    *Numerous humanizing routines happening behind the scenes to insure realistic playing.

    *Formant-correct pitch bend.

    *EZRoom convolution reverb, and several other effects built in.

    *Kontakt Player 2 powered.

    *Price point has not been determined yet, but will be in the sub-$500 range.

    *Shipping Q1 2008.

    Benjamin has done a great job with the script and we will be posting more details, screenshots, and audio demos as soon as possible, probably within the next couple of weeks."

    Full thread can be found here:

    And other comments can be found in Bruce's, Thonex's and Mike G's NAMM threads at VI.

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    Re: Is there any new virtuell string- or brass instrument technique announced at NAMM?

    Quote Originally Posted by germancomponist
    Anything else?

    Dan Dean has released his Solo Strings Advanced in Kontakt Player 2 format:

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