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Topic: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

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    "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    "Dorian's Solution"
    The Finale of "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray"
    (click title for scrolling video of score with vocal demo)

    Back in January of 2007, I posted the opening number from my stage musical, "Dorian-The Remarkable Mister Gray," based on the novel "The Picture of Dorian Gray" by Oscar Wilde. A small handful of people were kind enough to listen and leave comments.

    Since then, I slowly but surely posted all the numbers from the show and the number of people listening and leaving comments kept growing. Many of the original "Dorian" listeners don't seem to be involved here at the Forums anymore, but there are many currently involved members who have heard quite a bit of the show.

    This final number is the climax of the show. Like much of the piece, it's an extended scene set to music. This is the longest section of non-stop music, lasting 14 1/2 minutes! It's a lot to commit to in The Listening Room. But naturally I hope some of you make the decision to hear how the show wraps up.

    There are new musical passages in this Finale, but most of it is comprised of an interweaving of many motives heard throughout the show. Reprises abound, sometimes much as they were first heard, others re-worked to fit the occasion. If you don't recognize a segment, just know that there's probably an emotional connection being made to an earlier song that you haven't heard.

    Though you may not be able to completely follow the story, I'll still just leave this to speak for itself. I made a special version for posting here, with added text on the video's scrolling score to help you keep track of what's going on. NOTE: On the old recording, the character of Lily was named Maggie - hence the discrepancy.

    --PREVIOUS to this Finale, there is a dialogue segment you should know about. The last song before this was the love song between Dorian and Lily. Following that, Lord Henry mocks Dorian for thinking he can actually fall in love again. Angry at the man whom he blames (accurately) for being a horrible influence on his life, Dorian takes Henry up to the attic, planning to show him the monster in the painting which has become the reflection of Dorian's soul. The scene parallels the one in which Dorian killed Basil, the portrait's painter. The audience thinks Henry may finally get his "just desserts"--but Dorian stops short of unveiling the picture. He sends Henry away. Once alone, Dorian desperately tries to believe that he is becoming a better person, and that Lily's love will be his salvation.

    Sonically, this is the least satisfactory of what I've posted. It's a special blend I did just for the Forum of the original vocal demo (me singing all parts, including an octave shifted rendition of the women's parts) and the GPO tracks we'll be using in the live production now in rehearsal. Because of edits that occurred since recording the vocal demo, the two versions didn't line up and I had to do a lot of splicing and shifting, in an attempt to present what I could of this with voices--since that's been by far the favored way of hearing the show.

    For those who can't make the video work (I'm included in that group!) - I have an MP3 of the same mix posted, and there's also the purely instrumental backing track (done with GPO, unlike the hardware synth original version) - the only version I'm actually happy with. Some of sections in the video/vocal demo suffer a lot compared to the instrumental tracks we'll be using in the stage production.

    I want to thank all of you who have been listening to these posts, and giving me such encouraging feedback about the show. It's been something I'll never forget, this experience of playing all the numbers from the show for you over the past year.

    Thank you all.

    Randy Bowser

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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    Thanks for posting this exciting finale. It was well worth the 14 minutes invested in listening.

    --gary shannon
    Spooks! - The Movie

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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    Same here, Randy.

    As always, I am very impressed!

    I hope someone will do a video from your Finale-Show that we all can see it!

    I whish you and your team all the best and a very great Finale! For me, it was very great to listen to all your tracks and to follow your multitalented writing!


    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale


    At long last the Finale...and what an ending!!!! It was good to read through the story that I am only partially familar with, along while the music playing, bringing it all together. I am certain that this will bring down the house

    Thanks for the monumental effort of sharing Dorian in its entirty with the forum.



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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    And now it is done.

    [Standing Ovation]

    Wonderful ending - I discovered at his death that I had emotionally invested in this story.

    I listened first to the instrumental and then the vocal.

    This is really going to leave the audience quite fulfilled / exhausted. After the previous "crowdpleaser" and then this... I can't imagine this not being incredibly successful.

    My very best of luck and wishes that your hard and brilliant work pays off with critical acclaim and pecuniary satisfaction.

    I trust that the next phase now of translating the work into a production, with real people and everything that goes with that will allow your brainchild to appear in all its magnificent glory.

    All your experience should mean that is easy, trouble is the degree of difficulty here is high and so highly talented performers will be required, and we all know how difficult prima donnas can be. Stay true to your vision!

    5 Stars all the way. Congratulations.


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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale


    I am sorry I was late. The ushers wouldn't seat me until after the intermission so I missed the first half of the show.

    But at least I was able to get in the second half and I am truly impressed.

    You know that I could care less about vocals, but ever since you started posting them, you reeled me in and got me hooked. I will miss my weekly fix of Dorian and the wonderful music you have created.

    I kind of doubt if many here will not give you the 14 minutes to enjoy the finale as much as I have and the others preceeding me.

    In the theater, I would have been the first one to my feet, yelling bravo, bravo!!!!

    Since I am not there

    and for the curtain call

    Thank you for taking us all on this wonderous journey.

    I wish for you the best with this and hope that it gets the attention it so rightly deserves.

    I think all of us here wish you the best of luck and

    Break a leg


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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    Hi Randy!

    Great to hear the Finale for 'Dorian'!
    I loved this piece very much!
    But wait a minute only 14 and 1/2 minutes i was hoping it would last longer
    I hope everything is going well and good luck.
    I almost mist this because my Internet has been down for a WEEK!!!

    Kind Regards,

    P.S I cant believe i cant be there to watch 'Dorian'
    Trumpet, cornet, flugel player. Composer and student.

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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    Quote Originally Posted by fiziwig
    Thanks for posting this exciting finale. It was well worth the 14 minutes invested in listening.

    Hi, Gary - Thanks for letting me know you feel that way. It's been great having you hear the "Dorian" numbers that I've put up since you joined us here on The Forum.

    Much of what you heard here in "Dorian's Solution" (Act Two Finale) is reprise of material from early on in the show, especially Dorian's first big solo, "Somewhere In-between" (#4) and Basil, the painter's theme-setting "Every Picture Painted" (#3)--Dorian's reverie in this Finale, the "Sudden Sunshine" segment is a new counterpoint version of Basil's song - There are many tie-ins with Act One's main themes in this Finale.

    I'm just looking forward to you hopefully making that drive up from Eugene to catch the entire show!

    If you make to opening night - a very special guest, legendary Broadway producer, will be there - a fascinating man to meet!

    Thanks again "Fiziwig."

    Randy B.

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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale

    Amazing. The best 14 minutes I'm going to spend all day.

    Well done, Randy, this is powerful stuff and so well orchestrated and structured.


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    Re: "DORIAN GRAY" - The Finale


    It's hard to believe it's been a year since the first posting.. I'm not certain I've heard every submission, but each one I've listened to was met with a pleasant surprise. You've managed to create so many unique musical variations while holding a common theme throughout.

    Looking back at the amount of work and continual attention to detail is mind boggling!!

    Congratulations on this spectacular achievement.

    ...and thank you for sharing this work in progress thread. Although a mere glimpse of what's involved in a theater production, you've given many of us a new found appreciation...

    Bravo Randy.!

    wishing you the very best on opening night! ( should be quite a thrill!)

    Please do post video or images of the performance!


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