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Topic: Quick COMB Finale 08 question

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    Quick COMB Finale 08 question

    I just now was able to get around to opening up a Finale file that I could use my new COMB for and notice that the VST setup now opens in Kontakt 2 for COMB and the Garriatn Sounds for Finale, but my GPO setup still opens in its original stand-alone setup screen by itself - is this correct and just a byproduct of GPO being Kontakt1 and COMB being Kontakt2 or did I do something wrong during installation?


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    Re: Quick COMB Finale 08 question

    You should just download the GPO and JABB updates and install them. They should then be able to all load into KP2 quite happily. It's much more convenient that way than to have to load GPO and JABB separately. Remember to put the new VSTdlls in Finale's VST folder, they should then also appear in setup wizzard.
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