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Topic: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

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    Exclamation Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    Stylus is a great product
    (So no flaming is needed - this is meant as a possitive critisim)

    But it misses out on delivering a daily meat and potato toolbox for the lowcost Pop and Rock producer. And it could really be the bomb in this department!!!

    It´s not to diss the beats in Stylus. They are all fine. But they do not work with the producer - they fight him, claiming their own right to be original.

    The expanders are too overproduced, overperformed and badly named.

    They might impress on first hand, but does basicly not provide the mighty beat that glues everything together.

    Normally you will find yourself trying to replace a sound with a long reverb tail or trying to simplify the groove. That´s the wrong way to go.

    What is needed is a new approach to the expanders where


    Who cares about all the thrills, breaks, crazy sounds and impressive moves if the basic 4/4 is not there.

    So for Rock and Pop (like it´s heard on the radio) we need:

    A straight 4/4 groove with a choise of 16th or 8th HH, Snare on 2 and 4 and Kick on 1 and 3 with few variations. Delievered in 3 different velocities by a worldclass drummer. A few snare breaks and tom breaks. Who cares abouts all the thrills - we want his magic glue that holds everything together. If we want funny - we will add it later.

    World class generic sound. Why not copy what´s on the radio instead of trying to raise the bar with original sounds. Chris Lord Alge sound or Steven Slate Sound. Give us a complete dry track and a separate ambience track - to be put on 2 different slots in Stylus to control the ambience. That way it would be the easiets thing in the world to control or replace the sound.

    A percussion expander based on the same principle would also be a great tool. No funny stuff - just the basics...

    To make things easier you could make expanders like:

    THE GREEN DAY EXPANDER, THE AVRIL LAVIGNE EXPANDER, THE NEPTUNES EXPANDER - that simply copies what´s going on with theese artist.

    That way people would get what they needed, instead of browsing through endless beats with funny names and sounds, just to end up with a semi ok beat that has to rerecorded in the end.

    People are shifting to BFD etc. to get a product that works with them when Stylus could blow them all away with a blink of an eye....

    All the best
    Flame away

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    John Bonham. Who?...

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    I agree with this completely. Thought about trying to come up with something like this myself but don't have the time. What do you think Nine Volt?

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    Wrong product.
    RMX is all about getting creative with beats.
    Its all in the name.
    If you want straight and simple beats get something like Drums on Demand or some other Apple loop collection or change to Kit mode and roll your own.
    Or use the editgroups and single elements to create sparse beats by soloing the 8th notes or muting every 2nd 16th note.
    Theres a ton of possibilities.

    The closest you can get to classic bread and butter in RMX is using an expander like Back Beat or Retro Funk. Thats pro drummers performing in world class studios in a certain style and genre.
    But since you find those to be overproduced, overperformed and badly named i guess you should really start looking elsewhere.

    I like the funny stuff!


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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    Dear Hans.

    I cannot see why a product should not evolve over time when it´s possible.

    Rmx is for now a plug that alows you to start up with a funny beat and then add a song.

    If you have a song and a vision and you want to add a beat - RMX is not really helping out because all the beats insists of being truly original.

    A litle bit like having a young drummer at a session who thinks he has to shine all the time when you need him to glue everything together.

    About the naming I cannot see what information you get from names like "Midnight Oil" or Heaven is near" ?

    Again with the naming - RMX beats insists of being original. They are one of kind - "Hells bells" will never accept being reduced to = 80 Bpm - 16th-Straight-Rock. It would hurt it´s feelings and you would not really hear that strange sound or thrill that makes that beat shine (and makes it un-usable in the same time).

    To me, Stylus has tons of GB of those original beats. If they want to evolve why no move in a direction that really supports songwriting and with expanders you can go in many ways so I cannot see why one thing should exclude the other.

    It sounds like thoose expanders have been fun to make - Eric and the drummer have been really creative - but to me (and my community) that creative input is not helping out. It makes finding a usefull beat in Stylus a long and exhausting process.

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    I think you need to find more REX2 loops and convert them to SAGE with the Sage Converter.
    As Hans said there is Drums on Demand, there is Beta Monkey, there is Big Fish Audio stuff, Total Rex from Zero G, PowerFX has some good stuff too, Loopmaster, SmartLoops, GrooveMaster......the list goes on and on......

    they are quite a few Rex2 libraries there, not all good I will admit, but some great ones out there...

    What I am getting is that it isn't what you want in loops. Which is understandable, but there are so many rex2 options out there that can make stylus remix (that is what the RMX stands for) what you want it to be.
    If not maybe you should look at a program like EZDrummer.

    I too want more xpanders, but sorry, I dont' want the ones you want (which to me already exist with drums on demand and beta monkey etc, and big fish audio) I want more stuff like Backbeat and even more New Orleans Strut..... more of that overproduced, overwhatever you said it was stuff :-)
    richard sven
    sound sculptist
    Nuendo 4.3 | Intel DP35DP : Intel Quad Core QX 6700 : 4GB RAM | Windows XP Pro SP3 | Lynx Two C | Midisport 2x2 | 2xUAD-1, UAD-2 Quad |

    Cubase 4.5.2 | MacBookPro 2.16 Ghz | 10.6.3 | 2GB | TC Konnekt 8

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    Are there any of theese libraries that anyone could recommend. A tittle etc.

    What I would have liked to use Stylus for - was to make an 85% ok production af a song, let it demo around, pick up an artist and then produce a new final track in the studio.

    At the moment a drumsession is used both in the demo process and the final production. It would be nice to demo only with a macbook pro and a goldchannel.

    Following libraries would be really nice:

    1 - The All American Pop/Rock Drum sound.
    4/4 Straght (Green Day, Aerosmith, Avril Lavigne - In short Chris Lord Alge Sound - and really important, no funny stuff and a choise of dry and ambience)

    2 - The D´angelo analog drumsound.
    4/4 straight but Ok with a little swing. Again, no funny stuff or funny sounds - just the analog kit. (A track like "How does it feel" sums that up perfectly)

    3 - The Portishead/Massive Attack drumloops
    Loops with attitude - It´s hard to explain why I do not like a lot of the beats in Stylus but they do not sound cool to my ears (I know this is subjective ofcourse)

    4 - The David Bowie / Visconti Drumsound
    4/4 straight, no funny stuff

    5 - The percussion expander
    Classic percussion that you use 95% of the time. No funny stuff or funny sounds. Like recorded in the studio. I know Stylus got it, but a lot of the sounds are not in their original form and that limits their use

    Again if any developer put out an expander series that was modelled after know artists style and sound (on a pro level like Steven Slate Drums), it would be much easier to pick up what you needed for your Demo.

    Sorry to keep hammering on the funny stuff - I just feel that the funny tends to limit you as a producer, making you into a browser rather than a musician.

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by zvenx

    I too want more xpanders, but sorry, I dont' want the ones you want (which to me already exist with drums on demand and beta monkey etc, and big fish audio) I want more stuff like Backbeat and even more New Orleans Strut..... more of that overproduced, overwhatever you said it was stuff :-)

    A little confusing... Backbeat and Strut is more along the lines of what the original post was asking for.

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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    It is called RMX for REMIX. That is the thrust of it. It was meant IMHO to be a compliment to more "meat and potatoes" drums software instruments/libraries, not as a replacement for them.

    And I think it is veery easy to use. I use it with Addictive Drums and I love the way they work as a combo.
    Composer, Logic Certified Trainer, Level 2,
    author of "Going Pro with Logic Pro 9."


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    Re: Stylus RMX - Developing Thread

    I'm puzzled as to why people want to shoot this idea down. Seems the reason it is called RMX (remix) is because the majority of the content of the sample library is primarily in that syle. What is wrong with requesting a "songwriters" expansion for RMX?

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