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Topic: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

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    Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    Just wanted to say that after purchasing this drum collection I couldn\'t be happier. For the first time, there are some true balls in samples and this really is the best kit I\'ve heard.

    A real plus is Jim\'s williness to listen and take input for the next round of samples to come. Whatever shortcomings the set has (nothing really...just could use more snares and toms) it will it only get better.

    Guys like Gary and Jim, who give you way more than what you invested, should get some kind of award. They really should. I will continue to support both of them with my dollars, to be sure.


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    Re: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    I very much agree!


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    Re: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    I heartily agree. Purrrfect Drums are the most musical sounding drum samples around. Love the cymbals, especially the rides with 16 velocity layers. Some pretty kickin\' tracks are a joy to lay down with Scarbee bass, Sonic Implants B3, and Bardstown Archtop (pickup) and Jim Corrigan guitars (up and down strums). Thanks, y\'all!


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    Re: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    Hey kevin glad to see you. Haven\'t heard from you in a while. Yes I must say I do agree. I like the Scarbee Bass it\'s great. The jim corrigans are amazing also. I wish I could try the arch tops. They have not reached my hands yet. Maybe Desound has them

    PaPa Chalk

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    Re: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    Guys.... yesterday i worked in the studio with one of Europe\'s and Canada\'s top seling artist \"Rock Voisine\" in the studio, and it was the first time i tried out Purrfect Drums in a pro studio Producing context.

    WOW !!!!!
    Results are amazing, these drums simply rule, i have nothing else in my arsenal that even comes close to these in a pop context anyway.

    I didn\'t talk about the drums in the studio, and did like if it was any other drum library, and at the end of the night, (2 am 12 hours later....), everyone in the studio was commenting about how good the drums sounded and no Eq just a bit of reverb to cymbals and snare.

    Btw, the snares i like very much, they are snappy and i give em two thumbs up

    I will surely be making MP3\'s with purrfect drums shortly for all of you to hear unfortunatly this one is a no no

    Vintaudio Prod. www.vintaudio.com

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    Re: Purrfeect Drums...Impressions

    I got this collection recently, and I too am very pleased with the quality. A friend came over and heard the drums. He was impressed! He is really into heavy metal...I was warned that he could be very critial about other people\'s music. His reaction was very positive, and he said he liked that stuff that I wrote.

    The drumsets helped me with an older work, and I know they\'ll help in the future.

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