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Topic: Omnisphere Requirements

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    Omnisphere Requirements

    For those of you who already have Atmosphere and store those samples on your system drive, are you planning on buying a separate HD to store the Omnisphere samples?

    Atmosphere FAQs:
    Does Atmosphere stream from hard disc?
    No. It uses the RAM in your computer, which is far less taxing on your system and allows for better and more reliable host integration.

    Will Omnisphere do the same as Atmosphere?

    I’m trying to decide whether or not I should purchase a 3rd HD to store Omnisphere samples onto since I'm getting ready to purchase a new DAW.

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    Re: Omnisphere Requirements

    In the FAQ section at the Spectrasonics website it is stated that Omnisphere uses streaming.
    Given todays inexpensive hard disks it is always a good idea to purchase a seperate big drive for the samples.
    I have my library on a 750 GB disk from Seagate. Fast and low noise and cost 150 euro.

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    Re: Omnisphere Requirements

    what about CPU requirements!?

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    Re: Omnisphere Requirements

    Quote Originally Posted by Hans Scheffler
    In the FAQ section at the Spectrasonics website it is stated that Omnisphere uses streaming.
    Thanks Hans, as someone who has not yet purchased any Spectrasonics products, I can't see this info.
    Perhaps you could also answer my pizano from Parma's question about any CPU requirements.

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    Re: Omnisphere Requirements

    The Omnisphere site is free for everyone

    here is the part about the CPU

    As with all virtual instruments-the faster the better.....

    I am sure Glenn will do his best to make it run as efficient as possible.


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    Re: Omnisphere Requirements

    Were you referring to this remark...?
    "Omnisphere is no rompler!.....It's STEAM Engine also excels at high definition sample streaming....."

    Yes, I did see this remark about the CPU, but this is hardly quantifiable when trying to decide on what to buy for a new DAW.

    Now if someone from Spectrasonics would care to tell us what HW (specs) they were using for the DEMO at NAMM,
    that might help those who are planning to purchase a new DAW in the near (before Septemeber) future.
    ciao, Dan

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