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Topic: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

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    Question Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Hey there,

    I thought I'd post in this forum before I did anything to drastic. I'm looking to move my complete keyboard setup to virtual instruments and wouldn't mind some feedback on whether it's sound or not.

    The largest VST load I'm looking to accommodate would be:

    Synthogy Ivory (Possibly no more then Level 8)
    NI Elektrik Piano (possibly medium though flexible on this)
    EWQL Symphonic Gold XP (Only around 24mb)

    This is as hefty as I plan on getting. Other configurations will be with lesser 16-bit piano libraries and softsynths with some light effects plugins.

    To run all this, I was thinking the following:

    Laptop - WinXP - 2gig - Core 2 Duo
    Glyph 050Q - 320gig External Drive (eSata)
    eSata PCMCIA card

    For software I was thinking V-Stack of Forte. (Which ever is more stable)

    For soundcard interface I was thinking just the MBox 2 USB since I don't have any onboard firewire 400 ports on the laptop and the PCMCIA slot will be taken.

    I have two large stage pianos’ that I'd hope to daisy chain into the MBox.

    That's really about it. Does this seem feasible or a simply a fevered dream?If I can't keep this configuration stable, I may have to result to just using the onboard samples on my Yamaha piano (I'd prefer not to though). Any help would be appreciated. I've never tried to setup a live configuration with such large sample libraries like this.



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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Does no one have any input on this issue? Is there a better place I should of posted this?


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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    I use VI's live all the time, and have for years. I use a MacBook Pro running Logic. My live rig has been greatly simplified by skipping the whole interface situation, and plugging a Radial JPC into the headphone jack of my Mac.


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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    One more thing... That Mbox is going to suck for live performance. High latency and low reliability with that gadget. It's also not very sturdy, a few gigs and you'll need a plastic bag to carry it around in.

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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    I unfortunently don't have any other options but to use some sorta USB interface like an MBox. I'm up to suggestion. I realize that USB interfaces have this issue though wonder if it's for all or just a few of them.


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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Would it be possible to use the PCMCIA card slot for a firewire adapter? You could use a firewire disk and interface that way.

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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Yeah, it certainly would, though then I wouldn't be able to use eSata. With the sample libraries I'm trying to use here, that may pose a problem.

    Would a using a firewire soundcard interface improve the latency that much more? Like going with a unit like the MBox 2 Pro?


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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    I haven't used that particular interface. But I remember trying to use digi interfaces with Core Audio resulting in very high latencies.

    I use Ivory on a firewire drive with no issues. I get my drives from macsales.com

    I keep forgetting that we are on two different planets. (Mac/PC) No Core Audio for you, and probably completely different performance from the digi stuff.

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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Yeah, the performance is quite different on the PC's. Using the integrated soundcard on most PC's or laptops is a nightmare.

    If the latency is so poor on the DigiDesign units, I might just get a USB MOTU MIDI unit.

    I would just go with a Recptor if I could afford on.

    This is going to be a lot of stuff plugged into the laptop.


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    Re: Laptop Configuraiton for Live Use

    Talk to Scott at http://www.ADKProAudio.com He's a frequenter of the Cakewalk forums, is very knowledgeable, and can help hook you up with the right gear.

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