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Topic: Post-NAMM Chat

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    Post-NAMM Chat

    The chat is open. Don't all y'all flood Gary with questions about NAMM, now.
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    Re: Post-NAMM Chat

    Sunday chat is now in session.

    We are currently discussing asparagus and future plans.

    Hope to see you there.


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    Re: Post-NAMM Chat


    Since my ex took back her computer, I'm running a ghetto rig Frankensteined
    from a pile of old pentiums. Alas, I cannot install the stuff needed to make the chat window work! Oh noooooooooooes!

    The best part of this is the half-height PCI network card that I had to physically bend with pliers to fit onto this MoBo. Then I had to find someone willing to hook up an old floppy drive, so I could download drivers for it...

    Let us not speak of the dead BIOS battery internal clock madness.

    This is how 'real men' do their computing!

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