I just wanted to say that I am very happy that Tascam has taken the time to wisely move in the VST arena.

When I upgraded to GVI for 75 USD, naturally I had to try it.

I soon after purchased Bidule, Muse, GigaViolin, American Zither, and now have added some really strong Kontackt Instruments. Chris Hein Horns and Guitars, Appassionato , and Scarbee stuff.

I have all of the content I need. Before in the Giga only world I sadly watched many developers going to VST. GVI basically enabled me to use my favorite Gigastudio libraries, and add some of the awesome instruments that used Kontackt.

I have recently upgraded my hardware to the fastest quad, and the P35 chipset. If GS4 can do what I hope it can, I will really have a great rig for my gigs. In the last year I used GS3 to make my GVI gsi.'s, and play them in Bidule. I am hoping GS4 can host as advertised. Then I can really customise my performances.

I have 4 GB's of RAM, 2 x 2GB's DIMM's, and 2 free slots for 4GB's more. I really would like to use GS4 in 32bit and access all of that RAM. If not the 3GB switch has done wonders already.

This will be the first time I have had a rig where the bottleneck ( RAM ) won't be an issue. I anxiously await GS4.

Thanks Tascam. Going to VST, now Mac and M$ 64bit?? Quite an achievement.

One year ago I never thought that Gigastudio would be hosting Kontackt.