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Topic: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

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    Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Here is my performance of Grieg's Aase's Death from his Peer Gynt Suite #1. It uses VSL's new Appassionata II (con sordino) strings.

    Comments always welcome.



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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Absolutely stunning.
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    Peter L. Alexander
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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Great work Jay. Very delicate programming and nice realization! I'm always very impressed by your work. Would you mind providing some details on your mixing and matering here? What kind of reverb setup did you use? Did you EQ some of these strings? I also have Appassionata II but I've had some trouble smoothing out what I perceive as an overly synthy buzz on the violins. Your work here shows that this issue can be damped out effectively.

    Very fine work Jay.

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Hi Jay,

    one of my favorites again. Thank you for bringing this back to memory. Very beautiful sound and realisation!

    All your strings belong to me!

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Hi Jay,

    as always, you did a great job here again!

    At the most music arranged with VSL I can hear that typical "VSL linear portamento sounding-effect". (For me it sounds a little bit as an effect... ). I think this is a result from the VSL`s skriptprogramming..., yes, no?

    Always my best,

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Great. the first demo of appassionata II that convinced me.
    Could be great to have the possibilities to compare with the orchestral string I + II con sordino !
    Can you tell me some words about the difference

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo


    I find this performance fascinating as always! Very well done to you!

    I will go on, on a question thought in hopes of someone helping me:

    I recently (a few days ago) got my monitors (speakers) at last! PMCs TBS2+ and 2 flying mole amps. All is fine, etc, but of course I'm not used to the sound just yet.

    All my tracks sound as I would imagine them to sound, with no problems.

    But your rendering has immensly A LOT of bass!

    So the question is if it is something I need to do with the speakers (callibrate), or this extra bass is there in the first place?

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    First of all, I am an admirer of your musical and programming talent- your renditions of classical compositions are wonderful!
    You are also well aware of VSL libraries and how they work so I'd like to ask you a question. Thank you in advance.
    I write orchestra music for amateur films and as a hobby I write baroque chamber music. Do you think I would be able to do the latter with VSL SE alone? You mentioned somewhere that recording fast pieces with VSL SE is a challenge. Why? I also hear some kind of velocity drops in SE demos on strings. Is it because of the program limitations or difficulty to play passages in real time?

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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Great job, Jay! Now can you do Greig's Peer Gynt "In the Hall of the Mountain King" with VSL's pipe organ next? I love that piece.
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    Re: Grieg's Aase's Death -- Appassionata II (con sordino) demo

    Thanks everyone for listening and commenting.

    artinro-- I used Altiverb's Amsterdam Concertgebouw 80% wet/dry for tutti sections and 60% for divisi sections. No additional EQ.

    Gunther-- the VSL portamento is actually recorded portamento, not a script. However, the Appassionata II has only one style of slide. While it works well is most cases it does not work perfectly in all situations. Some of the other VSL libraries have more slide choices. For example the Solo Strings have sul, zigane, portamento and glissando.

    Larry-- I use these performances to help VSL demonstrate the sound and flexibility of their virtual instruments. On a personal level I simply enjoy doing them. I enjoy immersing myself at a deep level in the compositions of great composers. I enjoy studying how real instrumentalists and conductors communicate the emotion of the music and then trying to make similar communications in the virtual world. And finally I enjoy sharing my performances and the process used to create them with the people on these forums. In the competitive world of music understandably many people treat their tricks and techniques as "trade secrets," but since I have benefitted from the generosity of many on these forums I enjoy trying to help others by supplying my midi files and presets.

    Dup-- the Appassionata sordino strings are "larger" sounding than the Orchestral sordino strings. Also the Appassionata sordino strings have a much more passionate vibrato especially at the softer dynamics.

    Niclolas-- I think the Concertgebouw IR from Altiverb emphasizes the bass frequencies to an almost boomy degree. On my headphones this is not particularly noticeable but in my car the bass rattles everything that isn't welded down! I probably should have tried to EQ some of the bass frequencies but EQing always makes me nervous due to my minimal understanding of how best to use it.

    Micahel-- VSL SE is a great "entry point." It does many things very well but it does not have a large selection of articulations specifically designed for the playing of fast passages. I believe the new downloadable SE+ adds some articulations that might help with this.

    Here is quote from VSL's website about this: "While the Solo Violin’s articulations in the Standard Library encompasses staccato, détaché, sustain, sforzato, tremolo, pizzicato, legato, and portamento, the Standard Plus Library supplements these with the addition of the following articulations for the Solo Violin: Short détaché, fortepiano, snap-pizzicato, col legno, trills 1 & 2, Repetition Performances (legato & spiccato), fast repetitions (150, 170, 190 bpm), harmonics (staccato & sustain), and ponticello (staccato, sustain, tremolo)."

    Thanks again,

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