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Topic: Real Spaces IR Library

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    Real Spaces IR Library

    Hi Gary!
    I know there is a forum section for this, but since there's only one thread about it (the initial announcement) and it seems to be abandoned, I'll post it here.
    I would like to know if you have plans for releasing the True Spaces IR library. I know you recorded some halls and other real spaces and I think you are gonna use them
    in the upcoming ARIA based products, but nothing has been said about Real Spaces as a separate product anymore. Are you still going to release it?


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    Re: Real Spaces IR Library

    Hi Dani,
    Real Spaces has mostly gotten sidelined this past year as we've worked on the Steinway. It's definitely something we plan to come back to soon. We've recorded a huge number of impulses, perhaps between 50-100 gigabytes in raw form. We'll keep you up to date as we come back to working on the project.

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    Re: Real Spaces IR Library

    Thanks Jeff for the reply.

    As Jeff pointed out we have been sidelined. We've been been focusing on the Steinway and the new ARIA player. Also getting past the Kontakt 2 issues (which required a great deal of reprogramming our libraries) consummed a great deal of time.

    The state of technology was also a factor but now that we have optimized the convolution engine and processors are faster, we can provide a better product when it actualizes.

    Now that these bottlenecks are clearing we expect to get back to the Real Spaces project.

    ~ Gary

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