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Topic: SONiVOX announces Anatomy

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    SONiVOX announces Anatomy

    anyone knows about this?

    I was at the NAMM show but i didnt stop to look at Sonivox!

    It says:
    " SONiVOX have announced their latest offering, Anatomy, a sample library for use with Native Instruments’ Kontakt 2 or Kontakt 3.
    SONiVOX tell us that Anatomy is their re-imagination of the human form as an infinite template of sound, offering up hundreds of unique and uniquely playable instruments that transform the human body into one expansive collection of physiological rhythm and melody. Anatomy breaks down the body for users to reassemble and re-purpose it as they wish; enabling them to build their own musical Frankenstein monster from its ample array of lips, lungs, head, hands and feet.

    Making it easier for users to navigate through the mysteries of the body, all instruments included in Anatomy are separated into the following two categories.
    • Man: Raw and organic samples straight from the source. Plenty of tweaked preset variations to make a good thing even better, and funkier.

      Machine: Lovingly effected and manipulated interpretations of the human condition as it might be perceived through the binary brain cells of a bloodless future race. Agitated androids. Slumbering cyborgs who dream of electric sheep. Cinemascapes of hallucinatory terror and funhouse anxiety. Transform. Transmogrify. Transmit.
    Both categories feature the following instrument sub-categories:
    • Beat Box Kits
      The definitive collection of vocal beat box percussion. Over 50 unique kits with a massive tool box of additional kicks and snares for even more flexibility. Boston beat box guru Steve Foxx stepped up to the mic and laid down a staggering array of sound that the SONiVOX design team edited and programmed into intuitively playable patches that are sure to suit every type of music from rock and hip hop to acid jazz and electro funk. Even better, Anatomy's kits are GM compliant making them easily droppable into existing sequences.
    • Vocal Pads and Leads
      Over 100 Vocal pads and leads, from the ethereal tones of Tibetan tuvan throat singing to humming, whistling and more.
    • Body Percussion
      Snaps, claps, foot stomps, and heartbeats. Imagine the heart as the rhythm section and ultimate timekeeper.
    • Vocal FX
      From the ordinary to the extraordinarily strange. Blips, burps, gurgles, growls, groans, and nostril snorts. Laughing, moaning, and simulated emotional breakdowns. Plenty to satisfy ones appetite for the bizarre and unusual.
    • Choirs
      A complement of male and female choirs and choral groups with a variety of articulations and programming variations. Ethereal voices and intimate utterings.

    Pricing and Availability:
    Anatomy will be shipping Q1 2008, MSRP TBD."


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    Re: SONiVOX announces Anatomy

    yeah well, hehe. The choirs sound interesting though....should we now assume that Sonivox has done a big choir productions as well?
    Lets hope so, we could have the same old battle with ewql,vsl, and sonivox all over again, yay! (and subsequently 200 threads asking wich is better...)

    There were lots of interesting things at Namm, but there is only 1 softsynth getting all the attention...

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    Re: SONiVOX announces Anatomy

    This could be just what I need for my upcoming Flatulent Symphony.
    Dan Powers

    "It's easier to be a composer than it is to compose."
    --Ray Luke (1928-2010)

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    Re: SONiVOX announces Anatomy

    I have got some pretty nice sounds from Sonivox, brass and strings.

    So I will look forward to this new lib.

    "Music is the shorthand of emotion." Leo Tolstoy

    Listen to me, tuning my triangle http://www.box.net/shared/ae822u6r3i

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