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Topic: EWQLSO Gold Crossfade Patches

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    EWQLSO Gold Crossfade Patches

    Hi there
    can one of the EWQLSO Gold users here maybe tell me if there is a resource on the web for additional programs... In particular I'm searching a "Large string sec" that is crossfaded from p to f via Modulation wheel, just like some of the 1st violin patches provide.
    The factory programs only offer velocity switch.

    Or has anyone here programmed it and is so kind to share?
    I'm normally not that bad at those things but in that case it's a bit tricky with all those overlapping zones and releas velocities and stuff


    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Crossfade Patches

    Hello Uli,

    if you are using K2 or 3, the simplest way is to use the crossgrade script from http://nilsliberg.se/ksp/scripts/scripts.html#crossfade (Nils / Kotori).


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    Re: EWQLSO Gold Crossfade Patches

    thanks Markus I'll take a look

    Uli Reuter
    film composer, Germany

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