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Topic: Full GPO vrs. Finale Bundled Version? Who's on first?

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    Full GPO vrs. Finale Bundled Version? Who's on first?

    I had GPO working with Finale before it was bundled. I recently upgraded my Finale to 2008, so I now have two copies of many instruments. Is there ANY Advantage to using the FULL over the Bundled? I think I read that if you want to use the FULL GPO, you have to use the "notation" libraries to get it to function correctly - especially with Keyswitches.
    I am getting very frustrated with my situation with keyswitches. I have done quite a bit of reading and I still seem to waste a huge amount of time with getting my articulations to sound half descent.
    Please help, soon.
    Should I uninstall the bundled or the Full? Can I get a refund? Just kidding.

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    Re: Full GPO vrs. Finale Bundled Version? Who's on first?

    Hi Georg

    In most cases, use the Full version of GPO over the one bundled with Finale. There are a couple of instance where you may want to use the bundled version of GPO over the Full version.

    1) Solo Strings. The solo string patches have a sampled tremolo. The Full GPO solo strings require 'played' tremolos.
    2) The version of GPO (actually called GIF) bundled with Finale2008 actually has instruments from JABB and CoMB, as well as having some Choir World Instruments such as a Sitar and the Gamelon Ensemble.

    I would suggest keeping GIF that is bundled with Finale 2008 for those additional instruments.

    As far as usage goes, yes you must use the notation set to get keyswitches (as well as legato) to work correctly with Finale.

    Finale does a good job of handling the keyswitches properly with standard expressions and articulations. There are some instances where exporting to midi and then tweaking the file is necessary on some articulations/expressions which use dynamics.

    As I say though, keep the GIF libraries installed. They are useful.


    Daz :0)

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    Re: Full GPO vrs. Finale Bundled Version? Who's on first?

    Thanks for the reply darrob. That was what I needed to know.

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