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Topic: Thank you KeyMap!

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    Thank you KeyMap!

    Had a lull day... you know.. low on inspiration and drive. Blah

    So decided to sort thru some of my '2 file' bins on the Harddrive... old, unused and unclassified samples, unmapped pads, etc, etc.

    Keymap made it a breeze, automapping with pitch detection was awesome!
    Loving the Harmonic Resynthesis to really squeek the goodness out.

    Thank you Redmatica

    Without it.. EXS would be a pain and those files would have been 86ed out of frustration.

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    Re: Thank you KeyMap!

    I totally agree! When I was at NAMM, Andrea (The Creator of Keymap) described Keymap as "The Photoshop for Sampling" I could not find any better words to describe it.

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