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Topic: Scores proofreading...?

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    Scores proofreading...?


    I'm in need of someone to proof read 6 of my scores, ranging from Solo Piano, to string orchestra. Around 80-90 pages in total (!)

    Is anybody up for it?

    I find that my scores are usually in very good conditions, but, since I'm thinking of self publishing, I would like them to be perfect. One can always skip some obvious errors, or even some clashing elements, and other things. Overlooking things can be quite evil...

    I can provide early version Finale files, and pdf files, whichever you prefer.

    Normally, I wouldn't be able to pay anyone, at least not any substantial amount of money, but I can certainly offer a copy, once the scores go to the printer (and the CD once it goes for duplication as well), for free of course. Then again, if you, the head printer of UE, appears, I'll see what I can do.

    Do PM me, or post here, or e-mail me at:

    Thank you for your time.


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    Re: Scores proofreading...?

    I believe that I have a pretty good eye for proofreading scores, at least scores such as orchestra or solo piano (I would not be good at proofreading a jazz score or pop song!).

    I have Finale through 2008, so it should be feasible.

    Just email them as attachments.


    David Young

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    Re: Scores proofreading...?

    I proof read professionally.
    Some of my past clients include:
    Wynton Marsalis, Harry Connick, Charles Wuorinen, Jazz@Lincoln Center,
    Elliot Carter.....
    to name a few.
    I couldn't do it for free though!

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    Re: Scores proofreading...?

    Thanks Billy and David.

    I actually found somebody yesterday, so it's fine I think.

    I will e-mail you David and a few others that contacted me.

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