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Topic: StylusRMX Users needed... Please

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    StylusRMX Users needed... Please

    Hello everyone. I have noticed something I am not liking lately. I'll break it down for you all and hopefully you can experiment as well and post back.

    1) Load any project containing all midi with various synths including StylusRMX, with about a minimum of 4 loops created within Sonar 7.0.2.
    2) Play your project.
    3) Start clicking around with your mouse in the clips pane region any where, where there are no clips.
    4) Notice by clicking, your project (Well at least mine) will startto slow down and sound degrated. Also watch you Sonar CPU meter for major spikes.

    As for me I am running 4 cores and I still get bad spiking within my cores. I noticed this on my precious system which was P4 2.0 G with only 1 gig of ram Yet now with my new system I was hoping that problem would have gone away. Just to note I do have all nessary updates, as my my system is a dedicated DAW. Another interesting note, is allsynths are loaded within the synth rack, Previous projects that have synths load via FX bin don't exhibit this problem as much. So can some of you please try this and report back. I am trying to narrow things down here. Thanks in advance!.

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    Re: StylusRMX Users needed... Please

    I recommend you contact Spectrasonics support directly. They're very nice people!

    818-955-8444 phone
    818-955-8613 fax
    888-870-4223 toll free in N. America

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