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Topic: Sonar LE

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    Sonar LE

    I purchased a new sound card and got a copy of Sonar LE.
    Is anyone using it?
    How is it compared to Cubase (which I'm using now)?
    What are the pros and cons?

    thanks for any information,


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    Re: Sonar LE

    I can't pretend I do a great deal of sequencing, but used cubase years ago for a bit (well tried to), and then tried cubasis when I bought GPO. However I gave up with it as I could never understand its complexities and got a copy of Sonar LE as I found it cheap on ebay.

    I find it much more user friendly that cubase as I like the way the interface is set up - it just seems much more straight forward and easy to navigate. I've thought about upgrading it to full sonar, but for the amount of use I give it I find it does everything I want it to do.

    Probably not a lot of help but just my 2 cents worth

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    Re: Sonar LE

    Here is an article on (I think) an older version of Sonar LE from Sound on Sound, which should give you a quick overview. If you're running the full version of Cubase (not Cubasis) you have more tools at your disposal. If you're running the version of Cubase that came with older versions of GPO or one of the light versions, you may find the features comparable or even better.

    Cubase and Sonar do the same things. Their interfaces, workflows, and commands differ.

    You get to pick which you like better .


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    Re: Sonar LE

    l.buck and Reegs,

    Thank you for your comments and suggestions.

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