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Topic: Very slow hard drive...

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    Very slow hard drive...


    I have built a DAW recently (see system spec below) and have some problems with the (2nd) audio hard drive... it's slow!

    The audio disk is 17% full and defragmented. When opening a project just with a stereo track, and going back and forth to the beginning and end of this track (using numeric pad keys 1 & 2), the VST performance window shows peak for the audio hard drive. Weird. Also, when loading a VST instrument, it takes a looong time (it would stops for a sec, then continue loading, then stops again).

    I just tested both hard drives with Roadkil's Disk Speed Version 1.1. Here are the results:

    For the system drive:
    MB's Read: 407.1875
    Elapsed Time: 5
    Speed: 81.433
    MB's Read: 17.7813
    Elapsed Time: 5.002
    Speed: 3.5545
    Accesses: 623
    Elapsed Time: 5.003
    Access Time: 8.03
    Overall Score: 10625

    For the audio drive:
    MB's Read: 11.000
    Elapsed Time: 5.002
    Speed: 2.1991
    MB's Read: 6.5313
    Elapsed Time: 5.008
    Speed: 1.3042
    Accesses: 615
    Elapsed Time: 5.001
    Access Time: 8.13
    Overall score: 393

    So, there's clearly a problem. The motherboard has 4 SATA connectors, I used #1 & #3 (master & slave) for the system and audio drive respectively, and #2 for the DVD drive.

    Does anyone has a clue to help me?!? The BIOS is set up fine, and the two hard drives (both system and audio) have the same settings.

    Sound: RME FireFace 400
    CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750
    Board: Asus P5K
    RAM: Kingston DDR2 PC2-6400 Low Latency 4Gb
    Graphics: Foxconn GF 8800GTS
    Drives: Samsung HD501LJ 500 GB x2
    OS: Windows XP Home
    PSU: 520W Corsair HX520W
    CASE: Thermaltake Matrix

    Thank you. This is driving me nuts!

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    Re: Very slow hard drive...


    I moved the SATA cable of the audio drive on the mobo from position SATA #2 to SATA #4, and unistalled the IDE drivers (which re-installed themselves at boot). And everything is fine now!

    Back to music! :-)

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