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Topic: Affordable case for 88-key keyboard?

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    Affordable case for 88-key keyboard?

    I'm looking to get a case for my 88-key (M-Audio Keystation Pro 88) controller.

    I don't do a lot of heavy duty touring (the keyboard only leaves my studio a few times per year) so it doesn't have to be built like a tank. But I would like it to have solid sides (as opposed to just a gig bag) so that I can stack some other gear on top of it in my car. Wheels would be nice.

    Ideally I'd like a canvas case with a solid inner shell (I have this type for my guitar and bass).

    Most of the cases I can find are built to withstand a nuclear holocaust and cost $200-300.

    Any suggestions for something in the $99-or-under range? I'd be willing to go with used/ebay if the product is light enough that shipping wouldn't cost a fortune.


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    Re: Affordable case for 88-key keyboard?

    I purchased something like what you described from Sweetwater a number of years ago - a generic case primarily made out of foam padding with a canvas shell for use with a Studiologic 880. Like you, I only needed it a few times a year (or less), but it flat out did not hold up very well as the padding quickly started coming apart. Even light use was too much for that case.


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