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Topic: New Page Layout in Forums--?

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    New Page Layout in Forums--?

    This could very well be something bonkers with the ancient computer I use for being online, but this morning all the pages in the Forum are displaying too wide for me to see without sideways horizontal scrolling. Approximately 1/4 of the page width won't fit--.

    I've tested going to other sites, and they're all displaying correctly. --?--

    I've noticed a few little changes recently at Northern Sounds - like the display of stars under our names have changed to green squares with fun messages that display when your mouse hovers over them.

    But--This isn't really happening--right?--the Too Wide thing? It's just my poor old computer doing something odd?

    Randy B.

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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    Happening to me too. I know there is some maintenance going on just now so things may change.

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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    Same here...

    I bet all of etLux's posts don't need horizontal scrolling though...
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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    Hey look - we're having a Moderator Convention here on this thread!

    Thanks, guys - I'll stop dinking around with my control panel's display controls and just wait for this Fat Page Effect to skinny down.

    Randy B.

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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    May I join this moderators convention???
    I've seen some minor changes a few days earlier, but this major wide page is quite a puzzle...
    Perhaps someone has lost the key??? There are no notes about it anywhere...
    Someone is doing a secretive underground work... so who knows what's next... BE PREPARED...

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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    Not only that, but after I typed a reply and tried to post it, it always came up blank with a message that you need at least 10 words. Let's see if it happens here.
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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    Quote Originally Posted by SeanHannifin View Post
    I bet all of etLux's posts don't need horizontal scrolling though...
    Absolutely! I'm a
    very narrow person,
    you know!

    But, yes, likewise --
    the screen width is
    apparently set too



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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?


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    Exclamation Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    It must be fixed now...

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    Re: New Page Layout in Forums--?

    lol - liking the greenbox...in fact im only posting here so i can see what mine says!

    EDIT- it appears ive a disabled reputation! oh well... tis probably true!

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