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Topic: Garritan studio problem

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    Garritan studio problem

    I have both Jabb, and full version of GPO and Finale 2007c with gpo.
    I had trouble with a bug in my PC (windows xp s/pk 2) had the bug fixed but now I can't load jabb or full gpo on garritan studio but finale gpo will load.
    How can this be fixed?
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    Re: Garritan studio problem

    Hi Mike,

    Are you running the Kontakt 1 or Kontakt 2 version of JABB? Garritan Studio is designed to work with KP1 exclusively. You may have updated to the Kontakt Player 2 version to fix the bugs. You can obtain identical or better results using the KP2 standalone and a set of virtual midi cables (maple or midi-yoke).


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    Re: Garritan studio problem

    Thanks Reegs! How do I find which Kontact player I have, it doesn't seem to say in the manual (thanks for your patience).
    I'm not sure what this means but I d/loaded "maple" and will give it a shot!
    Also I think that I may have to reload Finale 2007 without the bundled GPO,
    what do you think?

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    Re: Garritan studio problem

    This is the KP1 interface:

    This is KP2:

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