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Topic: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

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    Talking "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    I wrote this short piece for my friend Katie in a day to reflect her personality. She's excited that she has her own theme song! This is the first piece I've completed in Sibelius 5.1 and GPO (I've been using Finale Notepad previously).

    It's for the Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, French Horn, Trumpet, Timpani, Cymbals, Glockenspiel, Harp, 2 Violin sections, a Viola section, Cello Section and Bass section.

    The reverb was added in my dad's Cubase, as the reverb option in Sibelius wasn't working.

    Please listen and comment? It's the first thing that plays when at my MySpace page.

    Thank you.
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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    Nice piece. Work on the violins!!! Coming from the right they are a bit dull in timbre. After the intro you bring in more instruments. This is a bit unbalanced.
    Some Keltic influences? It is a very nice tune. Go on posting.


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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    This is a very cute little piece. I enjoyed it a lot. Your friend is very lucky. You did a very good job on your first piece on Sibelius. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    Louis Dekker
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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)


    This is a fun little piece.

    The reverb in Sib 5 is added thru the Kp2 player by adding effects at the bottom of the player and adjusting them there. You can add 4 effects in each place and you also want to put one instrument in each slot by adding more slots than the default 4. Get rid of the Surround slot and you can have 16 slots for 16 instruments. Make sure you assign the slot to an instrument on the instrument itself.

    If you have problems there are a number of people here that can help you with it.


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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    Nice, I really like this one. The melody is very catchy and sound like something from a SNES game or an earlier N64 game...yes, very Celtic-esque. I don't know much about Sib, or I would give you some advise on the suspended cymbal roll towards the beginning, but I'm sure you'll find good advice somewhere! Welcome to the forum!
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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)


    This is a very sweet and cute piece!
    I liked the quick change of instruments, I think it works perfectly for it.
    Thanks for sharing and keep posting!


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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    Yeah, this is superb! Really cheered me up, although it was not meant to
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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    What fun. Nice to hear this especially since St. Pats day is only a month away (or so). Nice use of instrumentation on a cute little ditty!. I like the way you use pizzicati. Nice use of string textures.

    Thanks for bringing a smile to my face on this cold winter morning.
    We dream to write and we write to dream.

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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    Very nice composition, well thought out and implemented. Good choice of instruments. Thankyou for posting this. Congratulations.

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    Re: "Katie" (Short, Whimsical Orchestral Piece - GPO)

    Hi, DanielB

    What a fun piece! Katie must be a cutie! I think you did a faboo job with it, and we can certainly tell you have a Very good idea of what you're doing. Impressive musical chops shine through even in this short, simple piece.


    Randy B.

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