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Topic: New: interested in info on Pocket version

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    New: interested in info on Pocket version

    I just got Sonar HS6xl and found the Pocket Orchestra; it looks to be exactly what I need to get started. Getting started is the issue; is there any documentation on how to use this feature of Dimension LE? I;ve tried playing around with it and it looks like I have to load and instance on DimLE with each instrument... is that correct? I could sure cut my learning curve if someone else has already documented this process.

    I am looking forward to learning all I can with your help. This is a new area of study for me; I play the Hammered Dulcimer and am working on compositions for this instrument. I have a lot to learn about orchestration, composition and recording so I guess I had better get started ... V

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    Re: New: interested in info on Pocket version

    Welcome to the forum!

    Dimension Pro is quite a powerful platform. Like our upcoming ARIA player it uses the SFZ format. So Pocket Orchestra may be able to open in a future version of ARIA.

    You come to the right place to learn about orchestration, composition and recording. Good luck and glad to have you part of the community!

    Gary Garritan

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    Re: New: interested in info on Pocket version

    Yes, you have to open a separate instance of Dimension LE for each instrument. While you may load four instruments into each instance of Dimension LE, all the instruments respond to all the incoming MIDI data. In other words, Dimension LE is not multi-timbrel (the full version of Dimension is multi-timbrel). I have had no problem loading four instances of Dimension LE to get a string quartet with Garritan Pocket Orchestra.

    Good luck & enjoy!
    Dean L. Surkin
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