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Topic: Kontakt Player

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    Kontakt Player

    Can the Kontakt player bundled with JABB be used to load other Kontakt instruments, as well (.nki)? If so, how's it done?

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    Kontakt 1.x Player can only load its library.
    Kontakt 2 Player can load any library encoded for Kontakt 2 Player.
    For anything not encoded for Kontakt 2 Player - for example Eastwest instruments, you need the full version of Kontakt 2/3.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    Note that the EW libaries also include their own Kompakt player, but most of the libraries will be switched over to their own "Play" version, as they are moving away from the Kontakt format.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    So how do I actually load it in? There's no load option that I can find anywhere.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    What are you trying to load in? When you install a library that is compatible with Kontakt Player 2, it will automatically appear in the left hand browser with a drop-down menu of instruments to load. Pick one from the list and it should load.


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    Re: Kontakt Player

    I downloaded the free War Horn from Bela D media. I don't think it had an installer - just the .nki file and the samples.

    Edit: doing a little more research, it may be that you have to purchase and install a Bela D product to get the War Horn to work. It may only be available to registered users, in which case I'm not sure how I got it. I'm a sample hoarder and don't remember where half of them came from.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    Quote Originally Posted by raweber View Post
    I downloaded the free War Horn from Bela D media. I don't think it had an installer - just the .nki file and the samples.
    All Kontakt-based libraries can be loaded into the full Kontakt 2 or Kontakt 3, but the "Kontakt Player 2" product is limited -- it can ONLY load other Kontakt Player 2 products. Kontakt Player 2 is designed so people don't have to buy a separate sampler (like full Kontakt 2/3) to use these purchased libraries.

    For example, Garritan Stradivari and Vir2 Acoustic Legends HD are both bundled with the Kontakt Player 2 engine. Therefore, if you bought both products and installed them, the products would share a single interface:

    However, if you also purchased EastWest's RA which uses the older Kompakt player, you could NOT load that product into Kontakt Player 2.


    To my knowledge, none of the Bella D Media products come bundled with their own player engine -- i.e. all of their Kontakt format products must be loaded into the REAL Kontakt 2 or 3 to play.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    Hello Rob,

    Only the content that came with your Kontakt Player will work with the Kontakt Player.
    You'll need Kontakt to use the War Horn.

    Native Instruments offers upgrade options to Kontakt.

    I really wish NI would change the name of the Kontakt Player, as it really confuses people with Kontakt. I certainly have the daily emails backing this up.
    Or at least unlock the Kontakt Player to open other non player nki's. Even at a small upgrade price, I think a lot of users would be content with just it's player abilities and not the tweaking and customizing of Kontakt.

    As for a simple solution with the War Horn.
    Being it's just a war horn that doesn't consist of a lot of samples, simply import the sample wav file into an audio track.

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    Re: Kontakt Player

    Thanks everyone, for the clarifications.

    As far as the war horn, I think either importing the samples directly or building a soundfont out of them is the route to go.

    Thanks again.

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