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Topic: I like GVI

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    I like GVI

    I recently got GVI to replace GS3. I'm very happy with it so far. One thing is I've noticed I can load many more instruments than I could in GS3. I still don't know what the limit is. Must be using some DFD extensions or something. And now I found out I can create keyswitches to cut in and out instruments on a stacked channel. Best of all, I haven't had a single crash.
    Dave M.
    P.S. got ExSC for sample conversion. That works great too!

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    Re: I like GVI


    the limit at least on my daw ( 2 gig ram ) is about 1,5 - 1,6 gigs of samples loaded in GVI.
    best regards

    Przemyslaw K.

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    Re: I like GVI

    Well a guy I can agree 100% with.

    GVI w/ the 3GB PAE.

    I use 4GB's of RAM and double the amount of content, but I actually think it's even more as I have 3 content hungry K2 based instruments, and 2 synths ( VSTi believe it or not ), and GVI based instruments are super stacked w/ GS3 libraries and some of Sonivox's stuff.

    ExSC is a great choice as well.

    I was just about to upgrade from the Chicken Sys Translator Giga Edition to the Pro version, but thankfully they have someone in " Customer Service " who is over condescending to customers in need of help, and he persuaded me to try another company's product, which BTW works much better than CS Pro does. I never had the chance to thank his arrogant arse.

    Tascam released a version immediately after I found a duplicate ID bug that fixed the app last year, and I only use GS3 for creation now, and playback of LSAD, which it is well suited for.

    I recently upgraded to the QX9650 / DP35DP combo w/ 4GB's of DDRII 800, and I could care less about 64bit.

    GS4 and new drivers for my Scope DSP cards could persuade me, but I honestly do not see the need at this point.

    I think by summertime there might be more mature apps to try, but for live, I have no need for further content at this time.

    Garritan's Steinway, and Omnisphere are looking really good right now. Time will tell.

    Glad You Made The Jump.

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